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Business Ethics Assignment Help

Business-Ethics- Assignment-HelpAbout ‘Business Ethics’

 A well-functioning society is essential for progressive economies. Business Ethics is a preventive step. It is a form of professional and applied ethics. It encompasses all aspects of how business conducts itself during different phases like development, production, regulation, audit, recruitment, etc.

Currently the issues bothering the businesses & organization are centred on:

  • Insider trading
  • Health & Safety violations
  • Environmental violations
  • Contract violations OR improper contracts
  • Sexual Harassment OR Gender bias
  • Stealing of Intellectual property

With recent research outcomes it has been noticed that the ethical quotient of a business /organization is impacting the bottom line in the long term perspective.


  1. The cost of regulatory non-complianceis significant.
  2. The reputational loss to a business needs immense investment to re-position in the minds of customers and business partners.

Some businesses never recover.

In today’s times the Board of Directors & C-level executives are grossly concerned over ethical issues. Policies are being formulated to build an ethics-centred culture. According to Ernst & Young’s 11th Global Fraud Survey, employees in all sectors are increasingly working in environments conducive to misconduct.

The Smart Customer

Along with the age old criteria of productivity and profit, the factors determining long term success for a business now have additions. The business groups that prove to be Reliable, Ethical, and customer-centric, socially aware are on the preferred list of consumers.

We are living in the Information Age. Today’s customer has enough exposure to the information needed for making buying/selling decisions. Hence, customers and potential partners have grown analytical enough to compare their options before making their choice. Businesses are now on a public scrutiny with the social media amplifying the impact further. Hence, ethical standards in business are gaining importance widely from the long term perspective. Organizations and businesses are now inclined towards taking appropriate measures. An attempt towards inculcating ethical decision making is on a rise.

Nation’s perspective

As each day progresses the world is coming closer. Technical advancement has made access to the farthest city on the map possible. Alongside United Nations and other international summits have been encouraging interactions between nations for business. As no single nation is self-sufficient, the recent international opportunities are allowing many nations to leverage their interdependencies.

The penetration of foreign players (small scale and large scale) industries, service providers, business setups is on a rise. For developed nations, emerging markets are appearing lucrative for business growth.

Transparency International (publishes global index on corruption) ranks Australia among the top 10 nations to do business. However, as Australian businesses spread their wings across the globe the senior management & employees need to be vigilant on the ethical standards.They are warned against other nations with high corruption index.

There are limitations to the penetration of the regulators and compliance. Hence, a business needs to aim at inculcating ethical culture, behaviour & formulate self-policing frameworks.

List of universities in Australia

The following is the list of universities that offer courses (on campus & distance)on Business Ethics/Applied Ethics/Professional Ethics:

- Victoria University

- Griffith Open University

- University of Sydney Business School

-RMIT University

- Curtin University, Sydney

-Monash University

-University of Wollongong

-University of New South Wales

-Wesley institute

-Deakin University

-Charles Sturt University

-Catholic Theological College

-Australian Lutheran College

-University of South Australia

Problems faced by students in writing assignments in ‘Business Ethics’


Apparently an easy topic?Well it gets tricky when ’Business’ and ‘ethics’are put together. Students tend to give precedence to one of them over the other. Staying ethical while fulfilling self-interest is a balance few are proficient in achieving.

Few important challenges faced are stated below:

Knowledge of Law

One of the key aspects of ethical business is being legally ‘compliant’. Students are often not well-versed with the complete legal framework that is relevant to the assignment. For instance, your assignment subject may be dealing with legal and political frameworks across nations. A brilliant essay needs to provide a comprehensive picture.

Knowledge of Society and Culture

Cultures differ not only across nations but also across different sections and communities of the same nation. The world though coming closer continues to remain culturally diverse. As this diversity enriches businesses with learning and value additions (good practices) it also carries a risk of being misinterpreted due to the taboos and dos & don’t in different part of the world. What is acceptable in one part of the world could get condemned in another.

The thin-line of separation

While writing an assignment on ethics there needs to be absolute clarity in mind on what is ethical and what is not. Students often tend to search content on internet. However the challenge remains on picking the appropriate data based on the context. To sound ethical students often overdo the ‘ethical’ aspect while defeating the very purpose of ‘self-interest’ and ‘business’. Achieving this balance in writing requires a real-life industry/business experience.

Time constraint

With many assignments and other study tasks, students are often racing with the clock. It becomes difficult to write all assignments in an accomplished manner. After all every assignment requires its own set of analysis, creative thinking and research.

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