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Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes my online class for me?

We have over 300 verified experts from different backgrounds so that we can help you with a wide variety of online courses. You can be rest assured that your course will be handled by a professional with several years of experience in completing similar courses. 

What grades can I expect on my online course?

Most of our clients secure an A grade (equivalent of 90%) and above on their online courses. More than 99% of our clients score at least a B grade (equivalent of 80%) and above. We offer a money-back guarantee should you fail to achieve at least a B. 

What is your refund policy?

We have a very transparent refund policy for our online course help service.

If you fail to secure at least a B grade (equivalent to 80%) on an online course, we will refund the amount you paid as per the following final grades:

70-79% (equivalent to C grade):             25% refund

60-69% (equivalent to D grade):             50% refund

Less than 60% (lower than D grade): 100% refund

Please note that this grade guarantee is applicable only on the final course grades, and not on grades for individual quizzes or assignments. Refer to our refund policy for more details. 

How do you protect my privacy and confidentiality?

We have a strict policy to protect the confidentiality of our clients. We never share your course login details or resources with any third party. As we are not based in the US, we do not have to comply with any requests from universities to share information about their students either. 

Will I be caught if I choose your service?

We use a premium VPN service so that our expert’s IP location is close to your real location. For example, if you are based in Arizona, we will use an Arizona IP address. Upon clients’ request, we can also use IP masking services so that our IP address is never recorded by your colleges or universities. 

Which subjects can you cover? 

We can cover almost any online course that you are taking: 

  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Engineering Design (including AutoCAD)
  • Humanities (Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, US Government, etc.)
  • IT-related (C++, Java, Python, SQL etc.)
  • Management (Finance, HR, Marketing, Operations Management, Supply Chain, etc.)
  • Math and Statistics (using SPSS or other tools)
  • Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.)
  • And much more


About My Assignment Expert’s Online Course Help Service

Are you struggling with the demands of an online course? 

Do you wish to maintain top grades to maintain that scholarship or visa? 

Are you looking to pay someone to do your online quizzes and assignments? 

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, look no further than our reliable online course completion service. We have a team of 300+ experts who can help you with almost any online course in the US or Canada. 

After the pandemic, online courses became the norm in many universities in the US and Canada. They proved to be savior for many students who did not want to live in expensive cities or attend classes that interfered with their work schedules. They wanted to complete college credits or finish their degrees at their own pace and time. However, while it may look easy to enroll in an online course, it still requires a lot of time and effort to successfully complete them and maintain top grades. 

In the last four years, our experts have helped thousands of college students with a wide variety of courses. We have helped students studying in both public and private universities and community colleges in the US. 

  • American Intercontinental University
  • Ashford University Courseworks
  • Barton Community College
  • Bethel University
  • Concordia University
  • DeVry University
  • George Washington University
  • Kaplan University
  • McGraw Hill Connect
  • New Mexico State University
  • Pace University
  • Sophia Learning
  • South University
  • State Fair Community College
  • Strayer University
  • UMass Online
  • University of Arizona
  • University of Florida
  • University of Phoenix
  • And many more

If you hire us, you do not need to do anything else. Our experts will login to your university’s portal and complete all those boring weekly quizzes, discussion posts, essays, and exams BEFORE the deadline. We have handled almost all learning management software such as Blackboard, Canvas Instructure, D2L, Edmodo, Google Classroom, and Moodle. So, there will be no unexpected surprises, missed announcements or deadlines when you use our online course completion service. Our experts know where they can access the course resources and how they can submit the assignments so that you never miss a deadline. 

We do all this while maintaining a top grade (usually A) in your subject. We boast of a 99.2% success rate and we assure you that you will not be disappointed. If we fail to achieve at least a B in your course, you will be eligible for a REFUND

You might think that giving away your college’s login credentials to others might be risky. To assuage your concerns, we assure you that we use a reliable VPN service so that we choose an IP address close to your location and your college can never track who logged in to the portal. Also, we have a strict privacy policy so that your login credentials and any course resources are never shared with any other party. 

Alternative Option: If you are still worried about confidentiality, we offer the option of completing your courses remotely too. Under this option, you share the quizzes, essays, or discussion post requirements with us via email or WhatsApp and we will complete them for you before deadline. You can then login to your portal and upload them. In this option, we don’t require your login credentials and you can use our service without any confidentiality risk. 

What is online course help service?

An online course help service helps students enrolled in an online course. We can complete your weekly quizzes, post on discussion boards on your behalf, take up any essays or assignments, and even appear for the final exams remotely. If you are enrolled in any online course that you need help in acing, look no further than us. 

Who needs online course help service? 

Our service is ideal for students who are struggling with any online course. They might have a demanding job or relationship, do not have time for online courses, or simply want to keep their grades up to maintain their scholarships or visa status. 

When are you available to help me with my online courses?

We are available 24/7 to help you with your online courses. 

Where can I approach you to help me with my online courses? 

You can approach us via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) or email ( or Live Chat. 

What is the process for ordering online course help service? 

It is simple! Follow this simple process:

  1. Get in touch with our expert via WhatsApp +65 8115 0113 or email ( with your online course requirements. 
  2. We will give you a quote for completing your online course
  3. You can share your login credentials if you agree with our quote so that we can start working
  4. You make the payment after your first week’s results are out

I do not need help with the entire course, but only with a few difficult tasks. Can you still help me? 

Yes, of course. You can order only a specific task or assignment from us. However, if you order the entire course from us, you get a massive discount from us. 

Why should I choose for completing my online courses?

You should choose us for your online courses because we have

  • 300+ verified professionals who can complete almost any course
  • 99.2% success rate in achieving at least a B grade
  • Customer friendly refund policy
  • Strict privacy policy to protect your confidentiality
  • And much more

What are you waiting for, WhatsApp +65 8115 0113 now and get much needed help with your online course.