Premium Assignment Help Service for students

Like in any industry, different customers seeking our assignment writing service have different needs. One set of customer is looking for affordable assignment assistance. These are college students possibly with part-time jobs who have no time to do their own assignments. They are satisfied as long as we deliver assignments of standard quality with zero plagiarism before their deadline. Most of them are international students who have English as their second language. They do not want their assignments to be of very high quality as it may arise suspicion in the minds of their professors.

Our standard assignment service includes the following features:

  1. Free plagiarism report
  2. Unlimited reworks till you are satisfied
  3. Full credit if the assignment does not receive at least a PASS grade

Then there is another set of customer which is looking for premium assignment help. These are students who want a top-notch grade along with the standard features. They want to maintain their a high grade possibly to maintain their scholarships or GPA standing in college. They are willing to pay a premium for a guarantee that their assignments will receive a superior grade than their fellow students. To cater to this clientele, we have started a premium assignment service which has the following features (in addition to standard features):

  1. Top 3 writer allocation: We will allot your assignment to a top 3 subject writer from our database. This gives us the confidence that your assignment will be of higher than average quality. Your requirements are more likely to be met on the first attempt itself, thus saving you time and effort in doing reworks later on.
  2. Grade guarantee: In the first of its kind guarantee in this industry, we assure you that you will receive at least 60% (or equivalent grade) in the assignments you order from us. To qualify for this grade guarantee, you need to share the marking criteria when you place an assignment order with us. If you do not receive at least 60% (or equivalent grade), we will refund the premium charged from you. All you need to do is to share a copy of the grade sheet and the exact feedback you received from your lecturer. This is explained using the following example:

“Assume that the standard quality price of an assignment is 120 AUD and the premium quality price of the same assignment is 180 AUD. If you do not receive at least 60% in this assignment, you will be eligible for a refund of 60 AUD.”

There is absolutely no risk attached as you are guaranteed to receive a refund for the premium paid if you do not receive the grade you paid for.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the difference between standard and premium assignment service?

A: Let us start with an example: When looking for a smartphone, there may be some who are happy with a Samsung, an HTC or a Lenovo. These smartphones are in their budget and will meet their expectations. On the other hand, there are some who do not want to settle anything less than an Apple iPhone. They want only the best and are willing to pay a premium for it.

Similarly, a standard assignment will help you pass your courses comfortably in a tight budget. On the other hand, when ordering a premium assignment, you will get one of our top 3 subject writers and a grade guarantee of minimum 60% (or equivalent grade). Of course, it involves a premium payment.

Q: How will I benefit from premium assignment service?

A: If you are looking for a top-notch grade and do not want to settle for anything less, you should consider our premium assignment service. You will get a top 3 writer from our database who will be more equipped to meet your grade expectations. Moreover, the top writers usually do a great job in the first attempt itself which is a boon if you do not have much time to ask for any feedback or reworks later on.

Q: What is the usual grade that students receive from premium assignment service?

A: Our customers report that they receive an average of 70% when they order our premium assignment service.

Q: What is so special about your grade guarantee?

A: We are so confident of our abilities that we offer a grade guarantee which none of our competitors offer. If you had shared your marking criteria at the time of placing order and if you do not receive at least 60% (or equivalent grade), you will receive a refund for the premium you paid for our premium assignment service. It is as simple as that (no hidden conditions attached).  

Q: How much premium do I have to pay for premium assignment service?

A: The actual premium for a premium assignment may range from 30-60% of the value of a standard assignment. When you receive a quote from us, you will receive both the prices: the standard price and the premium price. It will show you the exact difference between the standard and the premium prices.

Q: The email I received does not mention a premium price. What can be the reason?

A: There can be several reasons that you have not received a premium pricing:

  1. All the premium writers in your subject are currently busy with other assignments
  2. The deadline may be too short for us to find a premium writer for your assignment. Remember that premium writers are very busy and they may not be able to take up an urgent assignment.
  3. The assignment does not have a clear marking criteria. As we provide a grade guarantee, we need clear instructions on how we can achieve a high grade .In the absence of a clear marking criteria, we are unable to offer you the grade guarantee.

Q: How should I order a premium assignment from

A: When you receive a quote from us, you will receive two different prices: standard price and premium price. While making the payment, you need to pay the premium price to avail our premium assignment service. The link for payment remains the same: