“If it weren’t for geography, we wouldn’t know where we are!”
– Anonymous

In school, geography is usually taught to students under two heads – Physical Geography and Regional Geography. Physical geography involves an understanding of the four realms of the earth – the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the lithosphere and the biosphere. It also involves an in-depth study of the earth’s surface, its landscape, climate, natural vegetation, soil, natural resources and many more such details. Regional geography involves studying specific regions on the earth’s surface in details – the regions could include all the continents or specific countries such as China. Geography provides students with a vast reserve of knowledge and students often have a hard time processing and remembering the entire pool of information that is presented to them. MyAssignmentExpert.com tries to reduce the stress-levels of the students by organizing all the information for the students in a manner that makes it easy for them to remember the facts and figures. Geography involves a lot of memorization. MyAssignmentExpert.com presents, wherever possible, information to the students in simpler tabular forms to make learning easier.

Geography is not limited to just rote memorization of facts and figures. It also involves some degree of mathematics. Students often struggle while trying to grapple in their understanding of how to calculate time, for instance, at a particular place at any given longitude. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps students overcome these barriers they face in geography owing to their weak grounding in mathematics.

Many students find it difficult to draw diagrams. In Geography, drawing diagrams while answering questions on latitudes, longitudes, the structure of the atmosphere, the different layers of the soil, are a must. MyAssignmentExpert.com guides students on how to draw accurate diagrams without getting hassled.  In Regional Geography, students are expected to be very precise in map-work. Marking a place at the exact location on the map is quite a tedious piece of work for many students because it requires a lot of precision. As one advances in class, one is not only acquainted with maps of the world, specific continents, countries or states but also with topographical sheets of different regions. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps students in overcoming all the challenges they face while doing map-work.

Regional geography requires students to have detailed knowledge of specific areas. Students tend to get all the information muddled up in their head and they may write the characteristics of one region in another. It is particularly difficult for students to recall specificities like which region has which kind of soil. Studying about a country as diverse as India is especially taxing when students are expected to memorize details of all the twenty-eight states and seven union territories. These days, students are not allowed to limit their knowledge in studying extensively only about India – they have to study neighbouring countries and the countries that are a part of SAARC also in greater details. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps students in applying the principles of physical geography while studying specific regions – for example, it provides answers to frequently asked questions such as “Why is mercury not the hottest planet in the solar system despite being the closest planet to the sun?” or “Why is the Thar Desert called a rain-shadow area?” MyAssignmentExpert.com also aids students with their geography projects and when they need to study for examinations. If Geography is a subject in which you are facing difficulty, do give us a shot, we promise that we will make it easy for you!

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