Whenever someone hears that you are a student of psychology, they can never resist asking, “Can you read my mind? Can you tell me what I am thinking right now?” Any student of psychology, on the very first day of class, comes to know that such questions stem from the misconceptions people have about psychology as a subject. For several decades, there had been an ongoing debate of whether psychology is a science or whether it is an art. My AssignmentExpert.com helps students understand that psychologyis the science of human and animal behaviour; and it involves the application of this science to solve human problems.

There are many sub-fields in psychology such as clinical psychology, counselling psychology, social psychology, neuroscience, developmental psychology, cognitive psychology and many more. Each field has its own challenging areas. In the initial phase, students face difficulties in understanding the nature and scope of each field within psychology. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps ease this distress by carefully outlining these for the students.

Understanding neurons – the structural and functional units of the nervous system – is an extremely important aspect while studying psychology because it is the foundation for the nature v/s nurture debate in the context of the etiology of mental illness. For many students, biology is not their strong point and they find this topic to be extremely difficult especially when it comes to memorizing the names of the different neurotransmitters and their functions. The field of developmental psychology requires students to be well-versed in their understanding of the physical, emotional, social and mental development at each stage of an individual’s life-span. Students are expected to know all the developmental mile-stones. MyAssginmentExpert.com tries presenting this information before the students in a simplified and concise manner.

Psychology requires students to have a proper understanding of concepts such as attitude, intelligence, aptitude, stress, prejudice, bias, stereotype, personality, archetypes and they should be familiar with the works of many theorists such as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Robert Sternberg, Carl Rogers, and many more. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps students in increasing their understanding of these by providing them with an elaborate range of information that is presented in a manner which is not difficult for the student to comprehend.

Psychology involves both theory and practice. All students of psychology are familiar with psychological testing. Not only are students expected to know the qualities of a good test but they should possess the skills required to administer tests in the correct fashion. Psychology also involves conducting experiments. MyAssignmentExpert.com helps you in gaining practical knowledge of the subject as well by providing quick and effective tips that can make your task of conducting a test easier. It also shows you the correct way of writing reports. Moreover, it can also write your reports for you at an extremely affordable price and as per your deadline. Whether you require support in increasing your knowledge on the subject or whether you need assistance in preparing answers, MyAssignmentExpert.com will always be glad to be of service to you.

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