If you are wondering, is there a service that can do my assignment for me, you need to look no further than MyAssignmentExpert.com. If you search the internet, almost every assignment service claims to be the top assignment help service. While we agree that there are a lot of low-quality websites out there, there are some gems that can give you value for money. We will guide you tips on how you can find a top assignment help service in 2024.

1. Top assignment writing websites change with times

Top assignment writing websites keep track of the latest trends in students’ assignments. They make changes to their offerings to ensure that they can help the students in the best possible way. If you want to know more about the latest trends in assignment writing industry, click here. Low quality websites, in contrast, stay stuck in old times and are inflexible about changing students’ requirements.

MyAssignmentExpert.com was the first assignment writing website to offer WhatsApp support (WhatsApp +65 8115 0113) to assist students. This has made it extremely convenient for our clients to interact with us. We understand that students are hard pressed for time and do not have the bandwidth to regularly check their emails or interact via Live Chat, which can get disconnected easily. WhatsApp ensures continuity in conversation and one can easily share documents and requirements over WhatsApp.

MyAssignmentExpert.com was also the first assignment writing website to offer live exam and quiz help service. You can know more about our online quiz service here. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, most of the colleges shifted exams online and there was a great demand for reliable online quiz help service. We took this opportunity and helped thousands of students pass their online exams with flying colours.

2. Top assignment writing websites have been around for a long time

A top website is in this business for a long term. They know the value of providing quality assignments and exceeding students’ expectations. This is also a reason why they have been in the assignment writing business for long. Most fraudulent websites, in contrast, run for a few years before they close down due to bad reputation. They will restart their business under a new domain name to fool unsuspecting students. Thus, if you find a website that started operations only a few years ago, you should double check its credentials and reviews. There are many tools like WHOIS that can help you find a website’s age. In our opinion, it is best to completely avoid assignment writing websites that were launched in last two or three years.

MyAssignmentExpert.com is a reputable name in assignment writing business. We started our operations in 2010 and have helped thousands of students with their assignments, quizzes, essays, and dissertations. Many of our clients have stayed with us throughout their academic lives because of the trust they have in our services. We do not want to boast but

“More than 78% of our clients come back to place a repeat order”

This is easily the best figure in this industry where students keep searching for new websites in the hope of a reliable assignment writing service. However, once students find us, they are likely to stay loyal to our services due to our high quality of assignments and excellent customer service. Thus, age of an assignment writing website is a top indicator of whether the website is a reliable one.

3. Top assignment writing websites have knowledgeable customer support staff

A top website is likely to hire customer service staff who understand students’ assignment requirements. They will be well trained to understand students’ requirements and will ask questions and seek clarifications, if needed. Remember that each assignment is unique and a website must thoroughly understand what your professor is looking for before accepting it. However, if a website offers automated quotes, it is a big red flag as the website has not yet understood your requirements. They have not made an effort to understand your requirements, which is likely to result in sub-standard or completely off-the-topic assignments. Hiring knowledgeable customer service staff shows that the website is serious about your assignments. So, take out 5 minutes and interact with the website’s customer support staff via WhatsApp or Live Chat so that you do not regret your decision later.

At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we have dedicated customer service staff on WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) and email that can answer your queries 24/7. MyAssignmentExpert.com does not give automated quotes or estimates for this very reason. We want to ensure that we capture your requirements completely before we accept your assignment. They are knowledgeable about college level assignments and will ask the right questions to completely understand your requirements. So, if you get an email from us asking for additional information or resources, it simply means that we want to do your assignment well. We might take time to understand your requirements but it will save you needless hassles later. Due to this reason, we deliver high-quality assignments that do not require unnecessary reworks.

4. Top assignment writing websites do not accept anything and everything

Top assignment writing websites are usually “Master of one trade”, not “Jack of all trades”. They know their limitations and will select assignments on limited subjects only. In contrast, a dodgy website will accept anything and everything that comes their way as they only want to make a quick buck. We have seen websites that do not even check the students’ requirements and give automated quotes. However, once the student makes payment, they are left chasing the website as the website simply fails to deliver anything acceptable. So, instead of choosing a website that is willing to accept anything, choose a niche website that can meet your requirements.

MyAssignmentExpert.com has experts in different domains such as Management, Accounting, Statistics, Law, and Psychology. Currently, we do not accept technical assignments in Engineering, Pure Sciences, or Computer Programming, etc. as we simply do not possess expertise in these. We prefer to focus on limited subjects and deliver high quality work in these rather than trying to spread our resources too thin. We are upfront about our expertise and will politely refuse any assignment that lies outside our expertise. This ensures that our clients always get the best quality work they expect from us and are not disappointed later.

5. Top assignment writing websites offer a money-back guarantee

Top websites are confident in the abilities of their writers and offer a simple and hassle-free money-back guarantee. They will happily refund your money if you are not satisfied with their services. In contrast, most seedy assignment writing websites will not offer money back and will put their refund policy in convoluted terms hidden in tiny fonts in their Terms and Conditions. They will happily accept your money but will suddenly become silent and unresponsive if things go wrong. It will almost never happen if you choose the services of a top assignment writing service.

MyAssignmentExpert.com offers a simple and hassle-free money-back guarantee to its clients. This policy is clearly specified on the website and in all email communications to our clients. In simple words, our clients are entitled to a full refund if they experience the following:

  1. Plagiarism: If you find that our assignment is plagiarised, we will refund you the entire amount. You need to simply upload a copy of your Turnitin report and we will process the refund, no questions asked.
  2. Missed deadline: If we miss any deadline given by your university and you are unable to submit the assignment because of this, we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

Also, we are one of the few assignment writing websites to offer a full credit if your assignment does not receive at least a PASS grade. You just need to submit a copy of your grade sheet and your lecturer’s feedback to avail the credit. Please note that your grades depend upon the subjective opinion of your professor alone and no assignment writing website can offer a refund for FAIL grades.

Do not rely on Online Reviews alone

Lastly, there is one thing that you should not rely too much on when searching for a top assignment writing service to do your assignment. Do not rely solely on online feedbacks or Google ratings when choosing a top assignment writing service. Considering the nature of this service, most students prefer not to leave a review or rating for their purchase. Thus, most of the reviews or ratings that you see on the web are likely written by the marketing teams of these websites. It is not uncommon for a fraudulent website to show 4.9 out of 5 stars as its ratings are manipulated to lure unsuspecting students to their business. At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we encourage students to do their independent research and seek for opinions from their senior students if they want a top assignment writing service to assist them. Peer feedback is the best way to identify a reliable assignment writing service that will provide you with the best value for money.

We hope that these tips will help you identify a top assignment writing website in 2024. If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us via WhatsApp +65 8115 0113 or email.