Chemistry is a branch of physical science that deals with the chemical composition of matter, both organic and inorganic, and the study of the nature of interaction between different substances.chemistry homework

The very foundation to learning chemistry is to know the structure of an atom and its sub-divisions – protons, neutrons and electrons. Most students get stuck at this very base. They find it very difficult to understand the concept of valency. Classifying substances into elements, compounds and mixtures; or classifying chemical reactions as decomposition or displacement; learning the properties of solids, liquids and gases; all these are not easy tasks for students at the initial level. Most students proceed to higher classes without getting these basic concepts clear. At, we polish your knowledge about chemistry and make it more refined and compact.

Chemistry also involves some degree of mathematical knowledge. Students who have an aversion to numbers despise that part of chemistry. For instance, students do not like doing sums that require conversion from Celsius to Fahrenheit scale. At, we try to assist the students by not just solving the sums but also by simplifying the entire process of calculation for them.

Students have a tough time in understanding how to write chemical equations and a harder time in balancing equations. makes this Herculean task a piece of cake for the students. Students are also expected to know certain properties of elements such as, hydrogen sulphide has the smell of rotten eggs and chlorine has a pungent smell. Students often get jumbled about whether it is acids that turn blue litmus red or whether bases exhibit that property. puts an end to all such confusions. For all your chemistry assignments – whether you want to know the properties of noble gases or whether you want to know about the properties of oxygen – try our services to get the exact answers.

Knowledge about experiments that led to certain significant discoveries in the field of chemistry is also an important aspect of learning. Students find it difficult to learn about Lavoisier’s experiment, for instance, in details. Reproducing it in the same manner as they read in the text book is not easy for most students. Drawing diagrams to depict the entire process is also a difficult task. tries to make these things easier for students. We also help students gain a better insight into the world of these substances by providing answers to application-based questions. For instance, students may know that compounds do not exhibit the properties of the elements that constitute them but they may fail to answer why water, despite being made up of oxygen and hydrogen, does not cause or support combustion.

Chemistry also involves visiting the laboratory and identifying substances and successfully conducting experiments. provides students with useful clues to ensure that they face no problems when they step into a laboratory. We also help students write laboratory reports according to the format of their choice.

The branch of organic chemistry has its own share of issues for students. Students find it difficult to grasp the concept of bonding and they find it difficult to illustrate the different types of bonds between carbon and hydrogen atoms. Mugging up the formula for acids like acetic acid, carbonic acid, nitric acid, nitrous acid is also not a simple task. aids students in learning these formulas. also helps the students in other areas such as in understanding how to read and, even to some extent, memorize the periodic table among other things.

It does not matter if your doubts on chemistry are at a foundational level or at a graduate level; we invite you to try our services to enhance your knowledge about the subject of chemistry. We deliver on time and at a very affordable price. Now this is one offer you cannot stop yourself from getting chemically attracted to!

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