One thought which often crosses students’ minds is “how can I buy assignments online?” In this era of intense competition, severe work pressure and almost non-existent social lives, purchasing assignments online is sometimes the only option left for students. However, often students make the mistake of buying a pre-written assignment on the same topic from an essay mill and passing it off as their own after making minor changes. Essay companies will often advertise them as a cheap solution for students looking for assignment help. However, they can easily turn into your worst nightmare. We strongly advise you that, even if you do not use our services, you should avoid buying pre-written assignment.

Pre-written assignments, as the name suggests, are essays or term papers ordered by students before you. Think of it like this: “Do these companies write on every possible topic in the hope that some of them will be bought by students?” Absolutely not! These are assignments prepared for their previous clients which they sell to you. Not surprisingly, these assignments have already been submitted elsewhere and will be detected as plagiarised by any plagiarism scanner. So even if you pay a small amount for a pre-written assignment, you will have to do the bulk of work and rewrite it completely.  

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Also keep in mind that many of your classmates are also looking to buy assignments online. What will happen if two of you end up buying the same pre-written assignment? Professors are very smart at detecting similar assignments. Needless to say, both of you will be accused of collusion and you can be thrown out of the university. A quick-fix solution like this can easily land you in a lot of trouble. Pre-written assignments may be cheap, but are completely worthless.

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