Are you struggling with your human resource management (HRM) assignments?

Are you looking for a reliable human resource management (HRM) assignment help service? is the students’ go-to place when they face difficulties with Human Resource Management (HRM) assignments. Whether you are pursuing an MBA course or just taking an elective course, Human Resource Management is one subject you cannot escape from. There are countless theories and models in Human Resource Management (HRM) but most of them lack any relevance in real-life scenarios. Students find it difficult to relate to these complex HRM theories. However, your professor will not be impressed if you don’t apply these theories or models in your HRM assignments or case studies. This makes writing an HRM assignment an extremely challenging and confusing task for students. If you are facing a similar situation, don’t hold back and take help from a reputable HRM assignment help service provider like My Assignment Expert (WhatsApp: +61 451 019 239).

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Why do students struggle with HRM assignments?

Human Resource Management seems like such an easy subject but anyone who has studied HRM in college will tell you that it is very difficult to score good grades in HRM. When evaluating HRM assignments, professors look for application of theories and models taught in the course. However, most of these theories are so disconnected from real life that students find it impossible to relate to them.

If you face an issue with your colleague from another nationality, you are unlikely to use Hofstede’s dimensions to compare the cultures. The pros and cons about 360-degree appraisal systems taught in your course go out the window when you are think about how appraisals take place at your own workplace. So, anyone who has some work experience will find it difficult to visualise applying them at his/her own workplace. However, professors are more concerned about academic research than practical learning which makes them force such outdated concepts and theories on students through their assignments. It is natural that students with an iota of practical experience will struggle with such HRM assignments.  

Another reason why students don’t find HRM assignments easy to handle is that they require use of management jargon. When you bring out terms like “change management” or “mission and vision statements” in your employee meetings, your colleagues will laugh at you for sounding so bookish. However, this is exactly what your professor wants to see in your assignments. You may feel that you have done an excellent analysis of that HR Management case study, but your professor will not grade you well if you fail to use HR jargon. To help students, hires HR experts who are knowledgeable about these HRM tools, concepts and jargon and can apply them in your assignments.

Which Human Resource Management topics can your expert help me with?

We can help you with any Human Resource Management assignment from graduate or post graduate level. Some of the topics with which we have helped students are:

  • The Role of Human Resources
  • Developing and Implementing Strategic HRM Plans
  • Diversity and Multiculturalism
  • Recruitment and Selection
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Retention and Motivation
  • Training and Development
  • Successful Employee Communication
  • Managing Employee Performance
  • Employee Assessment
  • Working with Labour Unions
  • Safety and Health at Work
  • International HRM
  • And many more

If you have any HRM topic (even if outside the above list), we can find an expert to help you with your coursework. We hire experts who have studied HRM at least as an elective during their graduation. This ensures that they are well versed with the various topics in HRM and related subjects and they are prepared for any type of HRM assignment you can throw at them.

Even though the world of business has changed rapidly in the last few decades, the field of HRM has not kept pace with it. The theories, concepts and models taught in most HRM courses are still the same as those taught to students in the previous decades. If you have an assignment on Cross-cultural Management at the Workplace, you will be asked to use the same theories as Schein’s culture model developed way back in 1985 or Hofstede’s model developed in 1973. It is funny then that the professors insist on using references published in the last 5 or 10 years only. However, you don’t have to worry about finding relevant and recent resources as our experts know exactly where to look for them. When you choose for your HR assignment needs, you will get an HRM assignment that is expertly written, adequately referenced and completely plagiarism free.

Which type of HRM assignments can you help me with?

Whether you have a management report, an HR case study, or an online quiz, can assist you with it. Some of the common types of assignments include:

  • Human Resource Management reports: A management report requires you to apply HRM concepts and models to a hypothetical scenario (perhaps using a real organisation). It follows a standard format:
    • Cover Page,
    • Executive Summary,
    • Table of Contents,
    • Main Content,
    • References,
    • and Appendices (if any)

Universities will consider only the words written under “Main Content” for word count purpose, however, you may lose out on marks if you don’t include other sections like Executive Summary and Table of Contents in your report. Our experts at My Assignment Expert are aware of these requirements and will ensure that when you order an HR Management report form us, it will be in a ‘ready to submit’ condition. Unlike other websites, we don’t charge an additional amount for writing the Executive Summary or including Appendices (if required).

  • Human Resource Management case studies: A case study requires you to examine a real life case from an HR Manager’s perspective.If you are doing an MBA, you will invariably get an HRM case study from Harvard University (or any other prominent university). Such case studies are very lengthy (20-50 pages) and contain a lot of information which is not pertinent to the case questions. Students find that it requires a lot of time and effort to solve such case studies. Our experts are trained in strategies like skimming and scanning to quickly find relevant information from the case studies. Whether you are looking for a summary of the case study or complete answers to your case questions, My Assignment Expert will be able to help you at very reasonable prices.
  • Human Resource Management essays: An HR Management essay requires you to explore a current HRM topic and develop an argument using recent research articles. Writing a management essay requires the skills of finding relevant references from journal databases and using critical analysis skills to use their arguments to answer the essay questions. Our experts are trained at using freely available journal databases like Google Scholar and any paid journal database like EBSCO Host or Emerald Insight. Our well researched essays can help you ace that HR course with flying colours.  
  • Human Resource Management dissertations: In a dissertation, you are asked to conduct an original research on a relevant topic and present your findings. A dissertation follows the following format:
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature Review
    • Research Methodology
    • Findings
    • Discussion
    • Recommendations
    • References
    • Appendices

A dissertation tests some serious academic skills like choosing a relevant topic, developing measurable research questions, adopting a feasible methodology, using statistical analysis tools for quantitative research and much more. Most students struggle with even finding a suitable title for their dissertation. This is where My Assignment Expert steps in and provides FREE topic suggestion to students looking to complete their dissertation. We have assisted thousands of students in their dissertation writing process and you can avail our expertise in thesis or dissertation writing process till you successfully complete your dissertation.   

  • Human Resource Management online quiz: If you are pursuing an online or a distance learning HRM course, you may be asked to attend online quizzes as part of your assessment. Online quizzes test your ability to answer the questions based on your readings. However, online quizzes are not as simple as they are made out to be. If you are not well prepared, you may feel that all of the options are correct, and matters can get worse if your professor includes negative marking. If you are dreading that online quiz that you must score well on, look no further than My Assignment Expert’s online quiz help service. We give an unmatched minimum 75% score guarantee on any multiple choice question (MCQ) quiz.
  • Human Resource Management exam notes: If you have an open book examination, you will be allowed to carry your textbook or lecture presentations to the examination hall. However, considering the time limit, you won’t have the luxury of going through all the pages in your textbook. This is where you need a concise form of textbook or examination notes. Our writers are specialists at preparing concise examination notes which includes all the major theories, concepts and models taught in your course. You can rely on these exam notes to answer the exam questions satisfactorily.

Why should I take Management assignment help services from MAE?

We are aware that there are thousands of websites willing to assist you with your HR assignments, some even at a fraction of a price we charge. However, you get what you pay for. While you may find a cheaper alternative elsewhere, you won’t find the quality and service standards My Assignment Expert adheres to. Here are some reasons why is the best online assignment help provider for MBA students:

  1. Carefully chosen experts: Unlike other websites who will allot your assignment to any random writer who is willing, we will give your assignment to your subject expert only. If a writer has not taken your chosen course at degree level, we will never give your assignment to him/her even if it means rejecting some assignments for lack of expertise. We choose our experts very carefully and less than 1 in 100 applicants to our website become part of our database. That is why My Assignment Expert is the most trusted Human Resource Management assignment help service provider in countries like Australia and Singapore.
  2. FREE plagiarism report: One of the biggest concerns that students have while choosing assignment writing websites is that they will receive plagiarised assignments. To alleviate those concerns, provides a FREE plagiarism report (powered by Turnitin) with every assignment. While other websites may offer a free plagiarism report too, they are likely using a free plagiarism checker which is not good enough. My Assignment Expert uses WriteCheck (powered by Turnitin) which is the most sophisticated plagiarism checker available online. We spend $10 to generate each report but we feel that it is worth it if we can give our customers complete peace of mind. If you choose My Assignment Expert, you will never have to worry about plagiarism issues.
  3. Editorial review: Most other websites will directly submit whatever their writers have prepared to their clients even if the assignment is off topic. This means that students spend unnecessary time and money to review those assignments and ask for reworks. We have even heard of cases where these websites will refuse to do reworks or issue refunds for such shoddy work.

At, your assignments go through a detailed editorial review. Your editor will use your marking criteria to review your assignment to check that ALL the requirements have been satisfactorily met. We will submit your assignment to you only after it has gone through this editorial review process. Your assignments will be in ‘ready to submit’ condition in the first attempt and you save a lot of time you would have otherwise spent on reviews and reworks.

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