Today’s world thrives on the essential idea of exhibition. If you are a student, you have to make your potential visible to your mentors in order to be appreciated and encouraged. If you are a professional, you have to allow your skill to do the talking for you in order to earn you success and growth. Essentially, all of us are out there to tell – and sell – our capabilities to the world, so that we may have successful careers, so to say.

Since the world is about figures and markets today, it is not surprising to see marketing emerging as a field with a plethora of career options for the young brigade. It is almost a wave, yes, that is out to take the world by storm!

What is marketing?

Marketing is a simple action of selling a commodity or a service.

But is it that simple?

Marketing is research, analysis, communication, strategy, diplomacy and definitely, selling. To be able to tell it is to sell it. A business school aims at developing these ‘telling’ skills, as it were, in order to help a student develop his/her personality and skills that are essential for anyone aspiring to carve a niche for themselves in this field.

Australia supports a well-maintained infrastructure when it comes to taking the students through the journey to becoming marketing professionals. With a range of business schools now providing excellently crafted programmes for the young brigade, it has become easier and convenient to learn the principles of marketing and management straight from the leaders.

The frightening case of marketing assignments!

Studies are always accompanied by assignments and needless to say, they prove to be an ordeal for every student. There is always that little something, which goes wrong and hinders an assignment from becoming a spectacularly reasoned argument. It is not possible to overlook the importance of assignments in helping a student develop a sharp sense of self-analysis and consequently, contribute to the development of his/her personality.

Management programmes aimed at teaching marketing base themselves on the concept of providing rigorous training to the professionals-to-be in order to help them shed their inhibitions, adapt themselves to a work routine soaked in rushing deadlines, think clear and fast, and come up with policies, strategies, goals or ideas that are pragmatic and achievable. In this vigorous routine, assignments come in handy and provide the much needed base to these future corporate honchos grow and develop a marketing acumen.

However, like every other student in the world, marketing management students have found no escape or solution from one of the biggest questions – how to write a good assignment?

Shortcuts prove in handy, when one seeks to answer this question. Internet has emerged as an easy solution to all of these problems and it is not a surprise to now find an enormous amount of content of these assignments borrowed from the wonderland called internet. Before wading into the deep waters and attempting to answer the question of how to write good assignments, let’s take a look at the factors that make these assignments bad.

1. “I am going to be simple about it.”

Yes, that. Many management students think that it is OK to just simplify things, situations, statistics and facts in order to make a point. It is convenient, yes, but not appreciated.

As a marketing management student, it is vital that you have a sense of the market jargons and a sound knowledge of the ongoing market trends in order to make a solid case for your arguments. While too much jargon can indeed make your assignment read like a page out of management dictionary, an absolute absence of those jargons will make it a piece of rant. Nobody wants that, right? Hence, there should a blend of jargons with layman language in order to make an assignment a well thought, ably argued and succinct read.

2. “I know what the market is thinking.”

No, you don’t. That’s why it’s called market – because it is unpredictable.

Students start by thinking that they know what’s up and about in the market, thanks to internet. The research motivated by this thought is, however, half baked. This, further, results in ill-structured assignments, which often read like a pathetic attempt at being an expert.

Students often neglect the importance of frameworks like PESTLE analysis, Porter Five Forces analysis, SWOT analysis and several others along the same line. Neglecting these structures causes the assignments to lose their direction and end up as a half-cooked analysis of the situation at hand, and therefore, leading to poor assessment marks by the teachers.

3. “I am going to say what I feel.”

A good thought at the wrong place. Yes, opinions matter – but not in your marketing management assignment.

Strategies – and in this case, assignments – are strengthened on the basis of statistics, facts, figures and market analysis. If one is to believe that he/she can write an impressive assignment on the basis of their opinions, they are mistaken. One of the biggest reasons why students fail to score high on their assignments is the lack of substantiate information that would support the arguments or opinions so expressed in the assignment. It is silly to expect that anyone would appreciate your opinions and arguments without any verified facts vouching for you. Hence, say what you feel, by all means. However, make sure that there are well researched facts and statistics up your sleeves to flaunt your analysis.

4. “How does presentation matter?”

Presentation matters – be it your food or your business strategy.

It has often been observed that students do not pay adequate attention to presentation and often turn in messy assignments. Ill-structured assignments accompanied by haphazard arguments qualify for being called messy. Often, it hits students hard to know that it matters how they write their words on the paper and through them, choose to voice their arguments or responses to the assigned tasks.

If one decides to just be lazy and write their assignment as if they were taking their class notes, they are undoubtedly in for a loss. Use of correct terminologies, following frameworks in order to chart out a neat argument, abiding by the rules of grammar and avoiding being lazy are just some of the pointers that one should keep in mind while writing an assignment. Following these will have the desired impact on readers and pave a rather concrete way for your marketing management career!

How can (MAE) help you with your marketing assignments?

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