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Thank you for helping me with my online quiz. My expert was very quick and assertive in his responses which helped me score 90/100. I am very happy and will happily recommend to students looking for online quiz help.” – Stefan, Singapore

“I had to clear an aptitude test before I could appear for an interview. I was very stressed about it as this test had nothing to do with my subject and I was desperately looking for a reliable expert. Thankfully, I found and their expert helped me to clear the test in my first attempt.” – Ahmed, Saudi Arabia

“I have had bad experiences with other online quiz helpers, so I was very sceptical before choosing My Assignment Expert. Melissa understood my concern and allowed me to have a brief conversation with my expert before I paid for my quiz. I gave my expert 5 practice questions and he got all of them correct and he even explained the reasoning behind his choices. This settled my nerves and finally I found a reliable online quiz helper in” – Zain, Malaysia


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an online quiz?

Many universities are replacing paper-based quizzes with online quizzes which are delivered using a course management system (CMS) such as Blackboard, Moodle or Canvas. To appear for an online quiz, students have to login to their university portal via their laptops or smartphones. The quizzes may contain a mix of multiple choice questions (MCQ), objective questions and descriptive questions and these must be completed in a pre-set duration. These tests require a stable internet connection and are taken in a secured environment.

What are the difficulties faced by students in online quizzes?

While online quizzes offer greater flexibility and convenience to students, they come with their unique set of challenges too. Some of these challenges are:

  1. Time pressure: Like in any other examination, time pressure creates a unique challenge for students. They cannot take a lot of time to understand or analyse the questions which puts ESL students who have English as their second language at a disadvantage. As the timer ticks by, students may panic and ultimately resort to choosing random answers to finish the quiz.
  2. No one to clarify the questions: The traditional paper-based tests usually had an examiner who you could turn to in case you needed some clarification. However, distance learning students don’t have anyone to help them during online quizzes as they take these quizzes from home in an unsupervised environment.
  3. Confusing options: Some of the questions in an online quiz may appear to be ambiguous and may have more than one (or none) correct options. However, most online quizzes allow students to choose only one of the given options. This creates a confusion among students as they cannot possibly explain their reasoning behind their chosen answer to the examiner.
  4. Negative marking: Some professors go to the length of penalising students for answering incorrectly. If the students are unsure about the answer, they must take a decision: whether to leave the question blank or to risk choosing an incorrect answer. In some cases, students may end up with a very low or negative mark which may not reflect their true grasp or understanding of the subject.

How can help me with my online quiz?

To get help with your online quiz, follow these simple steps

  1. Contact us via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113), Live Chat or email. Our representative may need some details like the type of quiz, number of questions, time limit, etc. Once you provide these details, we will give you a custom quote.
  2. Make the payment to reserve our subject expert at a time slot of your choice.
  3. Our subject expert will be available for the duration of the online test. You can maintain contact with our expert via WhatsApp or Skype. Feel free to ask our expert for assistance if you get stuck with any question. You can ask for correct answers and even seek clarification after the test has ended.

What type of online quizzes can can help me with?

We provide help with most types of online quizzes including (but not limited to):

  1. Management online quiz
  2. Subject specific online quiz
  3. Pre-employment online tests
  4. English proficiency online tests
  5. Numerical reasoning online tests
  6. Data interpretation online tests
  7. And much more

While most quizzes contain MCQ (multiple choice questions), our experts can help you with questions which require a descriptive response too. If you have a quiz which is not covered in the above list, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) to know the availability of an expert.

My employer wants me to appear for a personality test. Can you take it for me?

Although we can take up online personality tests, we strongly suggest that students don’t seek help for personality quizzes. These tests are designed to identify your key personality traits and HR managers use this result to cross-check your interview answers. If there is any inconsistency found in your quiz results and interview answers, you may end up chucking a good employment opportunity.

Can I share my student portal’s details so that your expert can appear for the online quiz on my behalf?

Although we can login to your student portal, we strongly discourage this option. First, most classroom management portals such as Blackboard or Moodle track IP addresses used to access their systems. Your University will know if someone from outside the University accesses their student portals. Second, your personal details become available to our contracted subject experts which may affect your privacy. Finally, we want you to remain present for the duration of the online quiz so that you can ask for any clarification from our expert.

How can I be sure that your subject expert is really giving me right answers and not just answering randomly?

We understand your concern regarding quality as there are many fraudulent websites offering online quiz help. Asking someone to help you during an online quiz is an important decision as it may affect your grades and ultimately your career. As you don’t choose a car before you test drive it, you should not choose a subject expert before you have had a chance to test his/her subject knowledge.

Before you decide to hire a subject expert at, we will give you a chance to have a conversation with our expert via WhatsApp. You can give our subject expert some practice questions or ask them about your subject. Make payment for our online quiz help service only if you are satisfied with the responses provided by our expert.

How much does it cost to hire a subject expert for my online quiz?

At, our quote depends upon your specific requirements such as the type of quiz, type of questions, number of questions, test duration etc. We assure you that our prices are very reasonable, and you can hire a postgraduate subject expert at prices starting $50/hour. Please contact us via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) or email to get a precise quote for your online quiz requirement.

How can I protect my privacy while seeking help for my online quiz?

If you want to protect your privacy, we strongly advise you to NOT share your student portal details with any website. If you need help with your online quiz, ask your expert to be in constant touch (via WhatsApp or Skype) for the duration of your examination.

I have some other query which is not covered in this FAQ

We have designed this short FAQ to answer the most common queries. If you have any other query, feel free to contact us via WhatsApp +65 8115 0113 or Live Chat.