You can follow these three simple steps to avail our assignment help service

Step 1: Submit your assignment requirements and get our best quote within 1 hour

Step 2: Make payment through Credit/Debit card or PayPal to confirm the assignment

Step 3: Receive completed assignment before the given deadline

how MAE ordering process works


Queries related to “Submission of Assignment Requirements”

What information do I need to submit to get a quote?

When you send us an enquiry, please mention the name of the subject and the complete topic of your assignment. You must describe your assignment in as much detail as possible. Include details such as type of assignment (essay, report or term paper), word limit (1 page ~ 300 words) and deadline for your assignment. Usually all this information is covered in a handbook or ‘requirement document’ given by your teacher or professor. To avoid any hassle, you can send the same document to us.  

If your assignment refers to a specific article or resource to be used, make sure to send it to us as well.

How much content will I get per page?  

Unless otherwise mentioned, we will use Times New Roman or Arial font (size 11 or 12) with double spacing and 1-inch margin on all sides for your assignment. These standards are followed in most colleges and universities worldwide. If we use these conventions, 1 page will comprise of roughly 300 words.

If you want us to follow a different standard (such as single-spacing instead of double spacing), the number of words per page will vary. For example, on an average, a single-spaced page will consist of approximately 600 words. To avoid any confusion, we recommend that you mention the word limit instead of page limit. We will always deliver a paper which is within 10% of your stated word count.  

I want to submit more than 3 files or files with size larger than 2 MB but your online form has limits. How can I submit my assignment requirements to you?

Our online form is designed to submit a quick enquiry. We have placed these limits on our online form to reduce the load on our servers so that you have a smoother experience while browsing our website. If you want to send us more or/and bigger files related to your assignment, send us an email at

I sent an assignment enquiry 12 hours ago but I haven’t received a response from you. What can I do?

We usually respond to assignment queries in 1-6 hours. Make sure you check your junk/spam mail folder as well. If you haven’t received a response from us, please contact our live chat service and we will respond to your query on an urgent basis.


Queries related to “Making Payment”

Can I get a discount on your quote?

We understand the budget constraints faced by students in schools and colleges. If you think that our quote is much higher than your budget, feel free to contact our live chat representative. They may consider your request and give you a discount on our quote.

Can I pay in two or more instalments for my assignment?

You have to make full payment before our expert can start working on your assignment. However, in certain circumstances such as for longer dissertations, we may accept payment in instalments. Send us an email or contact our live chat representative to know if your assignment is eligible for payment in instalments.

I want to go ahead with my assignment order. How do I make a payment?

You can make a payment using your credit/debit card or PayPal account. Visit our payment page and follow these steps

  1. Select your preferred currency from the dropdown menu. Allow the page to refresh.
  2. Accept the agreement and click on Pay Now. You will be led to PayPal’s secure payment gateway.
  3. Enter your assignment reference number (in the form of MAExxxxx) in Description field and our quote in the Item price field. Click on update.
  4. Make payment using your PayPal account or credit/debit card to confirm your assignment. You will receive a confirmation email from PayPal upon successful payment.

Is my transaction safe and confidential?  

All our transactions happen over PayPal’s secure payment gateway, a trusted online payment solution. We do not get access to your credit card details at any stage. So your transaction is absolutely safe. Furthermore, your transaction will appear as PAYPAL MAE in your account statement. So it guarantees complete privacy if you are using a family member’s credit card. 


Queries related to “Receiving Assignment”

I want to prepone the delivery date for my assignment. Is it possible?

If it is your first time ordering an assignment from us, we can understand that you are anxious and want to have a look at your assignment as soon as possible. However, we will request you to be patient and allow our writer enough time to complete your assignment satisfactorily. If you absolutely have to prepone the delivery date, please send us an email or contact our live chat representative by stating the reason for your request. We will try to accommodate your request, if possible. But keep in mind that it is not always possible to consider your request and we reserve the right to accept or decline your request regarding advancing deadline for your assignment.

I received the assignment but I am not satisfied with my paper. How can I ask for changes to my assignment?

It is possible that our writer may miss out on some of your instructions and you may not get the paper you wanted. In such cases, you can mention the specific changes you want to be made in an email to us. Do not send vague statements such as “I want the flow of the essay to be better” as they are not helpful to the writer. If the changes are within the scope of your initial requirements, we will make these changes absolutely FREE of cost within 24 hours. However, if the changes are outside the scope of initial requirements, we may require you to pay an additional fee.

Please read our Terms and Conditions to know more about our Rework policy.  

What will happen if my writer had an emergency and could not complete my paper in time?

We agree that such a situation can arise and may result in a delay in delivering your paper. Please understand that such situations are completely out of our control. However, we will be completely honest and keep you informed about any such development. We will also find another expert to do your assignment on an urgent basis. To avoid such a situation, we request you to give us a slightly flexible deadline when placing an order for your assignment. 

Submit your assignment details now and get our best quote in 1 hour.  

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