Plagiarism or “representing someone else’s ideas or work as one’s own work” is considered a severe academic offence in most universities. Due to lack of awareness, many students unknowingly commit the offence of plagiarism and face academic censure. We are listing some of the most common forms of plagiarism which will help you in avoiding them

  1. Direct copying: It includes directly submitting someone else’s work or significant portions of it without alterations
  2. Remixing and mashing up: It includes borrowing generously from a couple of sources without evidence of any original work
  3. Citation bluffing: It includes using non-existent or incorrect citations to make your paper look well researched
  4. Not using your own words: It means copying the original text’s wording or structure even if correct citation is given

There are thousands of websites out there to swindle your money by submitting you blatantly plagiarised work. Students who submit papers bought from such websites not only face a failing grade, but also risk expulsion from their university. Fear of penalty keeps many students from seeking expert help on their assignments even from reputed websites like ours. Not anymore! 

To assuage the concerns of our customers, has started a bold new initiative: to provide a free plagiarism scan report with every assignment.  We use WriteCheck (powered by Turnitin database) as the plagiarism scanner for the assignments prepared by us. Turnitin is the plagiarism checker of choice in most universities worldwide as it checks a paper against 25+ billion web pages, 250+ million student papers and 120,000+ publications. Most universities accept a WriteCheck plagiarism score of less than 10% as the proof of originality of an assignment. If your paper has passed the WriteCheck test, it will most certainly pass any plagiarism test in the world. 

Please note that we use the student version of Turnitin. WriteCheck does not store your paper in their database. This means that you can submit your paper to WriteCheck as many times as you want without compromising your final Turnitin score. Still we respect your privacy and if you do not want us to submit your paper to WriteCheck for any reason, we completely understand. We will only run your paper through WriteCheck once we have an explicit permission from you to do so.

If you have used WriteCheck before, you will know that it can be a costly affair for students. WriteCheck charges $7.95 for scanning a single paper for plagiarism and $49.95 for an extended critique on your paper. We decided to reduce this additional burden on our customers as we will do these checks on your paper absolutely FREE of cost. All you have to do is to request your free plagiarism report when you place an order with us. When you choose our service, you can rest easy that you can submit our paper without worrying about plagiarism or quality of content.  

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Confused about what is plagiarism? Check out our tutorial on what constitutes plagiarism?