The world of numbers is not pleasant for 6 out of 10 students. Most students fear numbers and have ‘math phobia’. Mathematics poses children with problems at every classroom level. In the beginning, children find it difficult to do additions with carry-overs. Then, they find it difficult to subtract with the borrowing method. Two digit and three digit numbers become difficult for them to calculate because suddenly they seem to run out of fingers to help them in calculations! Later on, the rules of BODMAS puzzle their mind. It takes them quite some time to understand that ‘sum’ means ‘addition’, ‘difference’ means ‘subtraction’, ‘product’ means ‘multiplication’ and ‘share’ means division. Once they master these ideas, fractions and decimals seem to ruin their lives! If this sounds like your story, do not worry! is the correct place for you to be. Here, we try strengthening your basic concepts of mathematics by presenting them before you in a simplified and more comprehendible manner. Most students grow to hate mathematics because they feel that they are constantly losing the race against numbers. Understanding concepts of ratio and proportion, profit, loss and discount is not an easy task. helps students gain an understanding of these abstract concepts through concrete examples from daily life. We, at, endeavour to ensure that students start developing a liking for the subject. Moreover, we make the learning an interactive and enjoyable process.

As mathematics gets further divided into arithmetic, algebra and geometry, students start having more and more issues. There are very few students who are the master of all these three areas of mathematics. A vital part of mathematics is memorizing formulae. Students do not find learning formulas to be an easy task. Even if they are able to memorize the formula and recall it correctly, they find it difficult to apply the different formulas to different sums. helps students solve a range of problems with the correct usage of the right formula at the right step. Some students have a tendency to make careless mistakes while calculating or they tend to make mistakes because they skip steps in between. At, we guide students to follow the correct practice while solving sums. We also encourage students to master certain effective time-saving techniques to ensure that they never go wrong whilst in the process of solving any sum.

Geometry is a problem-area for many students. While grasping the concepts of angles and different shapes is fairly easy for most students, geometry requires a lot of accuracy in terms of execution. It may be easy for students to remember that all angles of a triangle add up to 180but it is difficult for them to, perhaps, draw an equilateral triangle with all angles being 60◦. helps students draw these figures with precision.

At higher levels, provides students assistance with more complicated problems ranging from algebra to trigonometry and calculus. We also help students learn statistics not just manually but also do statistical assignments for them that involve the use of SPSS. also helps you while doing your mathematics project or when you require study tips to prepare for your mathematics examination. Feel free to avail our services – we hope that, through us, you will be able to have some fun with numbers!

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