My Assignment Expert has always impressed students with its superior quality of assignments and awesome after sales service. More than 78% of our clients come back to place another order with us, one of the highest returning client rates in the academic writing industry. Our clients are assured of the quality standards we adhere to consistently. One of the reasons for this consistency in delivering quality assignments is our well trained and highly dedicated editorial team.

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If you are thinking “which assignment writing website is the best for me?”, we will not ask you to blindly choose us. Instead, we recommend that you choose a website which hires full-time editors to review your assignments.

At MAE, we have a team of full-time editors which is responsible for reviewing client requirements, assigning work to writers and doing quality checks on assignments. Our editorial team works on a full-time basis and is equipped to handle any emergency (like communicating any change in requirement or doing urgent reworks). Thus, our clients can expect that our assignments are of high standards and do not require unnecessary reworks. Having a dedicated editorial team provides the following benefits to the students:

How does an editorial team help you?

Maker checker model: We use a maker checker model in which one of our assignment experts will be the “maker” while one of our editors will be the “checker.” Any assignment written by our expert is evaluated by our editorial team and submitted to the student only after it has passed our quality checks. Our editor uses a standard checklist to ensure that all your requirements are met by our writer so that there is little need to do reworks later. Our editor will also conduct a plagiarism test using WriteCheck on the assignment so that you can submit our work without hesitation.

Maker checker model serves as the backbone of any industry which requires a high level of precision and consistency like the academic writing industry. We know that no person or process is perfect who can follow 100% of the requirements. However, there is a clear statistical advantage of using a maker checker model. Assume that there are two experts who follow 90% of the requirements.

Probability of Expert A missing a requirement:                         10%

Probability of Expert B missing a requirement:                         10%

Thus, probability of both experts missing that requirement:   (10% * 10%) = 1%

Thus, if expert A acts as the maker and expert B acts as the checker, there is only 1% chance that a requirement will be missed. This means that when you choose MAE over other websites or freelance writers, you are ten times likelier to get a high-quality paper. This, in turn, increases your chance of securing a high grade. Our editorial team is the reason why we get a very high percentage of repeat clients.

Even the best of writers needs editorial review: You may wonder why we need editorial review if we claim to have the best academic experts. The reality is that even the best of writers needs editorial guidance. Even though leading newspapers and magazines attract the best writers, their submissions still undergo an editorial review so that they adhere to their publishing standards. This is the reason why we have instituted a full-time editorial team so that we can consistently deliver high standards even though it may dent our profit margins slightly. As a result, we have built a loyal clientele some of whom use our services for the entire duration of their courses. In 2019, we will successfully complete 9 years of our existence which is a testimony to our commitment to quality.

More accountability: Having an editor look review the assignments makes us more accountable than a typical assignment writing website. Our full-time editors make sure that all the papers meet a minimum standard using a check list or the marking criteria. When you order with, you will not face issues which are common with other websites like off-topic assignments, insufficient word count or inadequate referencing. Students waste a lot of time in asking for reworks which could have been avoided had the writer been more careful. This often leads to them missing their deadlines and facing penalties. However, if you choose, you can be assured that it meets the minimum requirements as it has passed through our editorial review process. We will never submit an assignment if it cannot achieve at least a PASS grade according to your marking rubric.

Hassle free reworks: How many times have you faced a situation when your freelance writer has refused to do a rework or asked for an exorbitant amount to do a rework? It is a very common grouse of students who take help of freelance writers as they offer cheaper services. It ends up costing them valuable time and possibly grades as the paper they receive does not meet their professor’s expectations.

However, when you choose, reworks are a breeze. As we have a full-time editor look after your assignment, it means that you will get quicker rework turnaround times (usually less than 24 hours). With, you will never face denial of reworks which other websites and freelance writers are notorious for. If we have accepted your assignment, we will take up reworks till you are fully satisfied at NO additional cost to you.

Better than Freelance writers: Freelance academic writers are notorious for being very unprofessional. They don’t reply to your queries on time and you will have to deal with their whims and fancies when you want to get a rework done. It is always advisable to deal with a professional academic writing service like who have employed full-time editors to look after your assignments. It may cost you a bit more than freelance writers, but it will save you a lot of hassles later. We give the following assurances to our customers:

  1. Our editors will pick the best available expert to do your assignment
  2. Our editors will ask for clarifications or additional resources BEFORE our writers start doing your assignment
  3. Our editors will review your assignments so that they pass a standard checklist
  4. Our editors will ensure that any rework is completed within 24 hours
  5. Our editors will ensure that you will have our support till you are fully satisfied with your assignment

Client Testimonials

“I had a difficult Management assignment and I needed a writer who could understand my requirements before he could commit to it. My editor, Melissa, ensured that my requirements were clear, and she asked for additional resources and clarifications before I made the payment. The assignment came out all right and I easily passed the course. It would not have been possible without Melissa’s expert guidance. Thank you” – Anaya

“I was looking for a professional dissertation writing service in Singapore. Though I had hired a freelance writer before, he turned out to be very unprofessional with shoddy work and refusal to meet my professor’s rework instructions. I checked with my friends and they recommended if I wanted utmost professionalism. I was happy with the support of my editor throughout my dissertation. They never refused any rework and my professor was happy with how my dissertation shaped up. I want to thank my editor and my writer at wholeheartedly and will happily recommend them to anyone looking for a reliance dissertation service in Singapore.” – Chua Lin

What are you waiting for? Take help of our dedicated editorial team now (WhatsApp: +61 451 019 239) and impress your professor.