Refer a Friend

As things currently stand, different students from the same batch spend a lot of time and effort in finding a professional assignment writing service which they can trust. It can be a time consuming and expensive exercise for the students who are already pressed for time.

To overcome this limitation, presents its unique “Refer a Friend” programme. Under this policy, we will give you a flat 10% discount on our quote for every student you refer to us for the same assignment. The following figure explains how our Refer a Friend programme at works:

What is Refer a Friend?

Under our referral policy, you will get a flat 10% discount on our quote if you refer one or more of your batch mates to us for the same assignment. Most professors give exactly the same assignment to the entire batch. We will reward you for referring your friends to us for the same assignment. It will save each of you the hassle of searching for a reliable assignment writing website separately. This is explained using the following example:

“Suppose you receive a quote of $200 for your Strategic Management paper from us. If you get one or more friends of yours to order the same paper from us, all of you will get the paper at a flat 10% discount i.e. $180 each. So if three of you order the paper under this programme, you will have to pay $540 only for 3 copies instead of $600 which you would have paid collectively if all of you had ordered separately from us. This represents a flat saving of $60. We will assign each copy of your assignment order to a different writer to ensure that they are entirely different from each other.”

Why should I refer my friends to you?

We do not ask you to blindly refer your friends to us; we want our quality to be compelling enough for you to refer us. Unlike other websites that force you to pay for all the referred assignments at once to avail the referral discount, does not place any such restriction. If you wish to gauge the quality of our assignment before you refer anyone to us, you will still be eligible for the referral discount.

College students get a number of assignments which they have to successfully complete to get course credit. In most subjects, college professors prefer to give the entire batch exactly the same assignment. What’s worse, a lot of professors do not even bother to change the topic every year and pass on exactly the same assignment to every new batch that comes in. This is part of a wider malaise that affects our educational system: it does not allow the students to display their true creative potential, suppresses their individuality and forces them to follow the herd.

Frustrated by such a rigid system, many students prefer to outsource their assignments to assignment writing companies. It allows them to give sufficient time for bigger priorities such as professional development, personal life or work.

How can I avail the referral discount?

You need to follow the following steps to avail the referral discount:

  1. Submit your assignment requirements via our online form, email or WhatsApp (+61 451 019 239)
  2. Get our no obligation quote within 1 hour
  3. Refer your friends to us for the same assignment
  4. Get a flat 10% discount on each copy you order with us
  5. We will allot each copy to a different writer to avoid any instance of duplication
  6. All the assignments and their individual plagiarism reports will be delivered to you via email

Yes, it is this simple. Your friends will not even have to communicate with us ever.

How can you assure me that there will be no duplication?

If we get multiple orders for the same assignment, we allot them to different writers to avoid any instance of duplication. This is the simplest and most sure fire way of avoiding duplication.We follow this process even if your friends and you order the same assignment from us separately and not under our Refer a Friend programme.

My friends want to see how my assignment goes before they place their orders. Will I still get the referral discount?

Absolutely! We want you to be certain about the quality that you can expect from us. If your friends want to wait and watch, you can still get the referral discount when they eventually place their orders. This is explained using an example:

Suppose you receive a quote of $200 for your Strategic Management paper from us. If one of your friends wants to wait before your copy is delivered to you, it is absolutely fine by us. You need to pay $200 for the first copy. When your friend decides to order another copy from us, he/she will have to pay only $160 (20% discount) which effectively means that both of you received a 10% discount.”

We want to order two copies of the same assignment. However, my friend wants it in a shorter deadline as his/her assignment is due before mine. Will the referral discount available in this case?

Yes, but conditions apply. One of the factors we look at when determining our quote is turnaround time. If an assignment has a very short deadline, we may charge a premium. So you have to request for quote for two separate deadlines. We will give you a 10% discount on your respective quote. We have given an example to clarify this:

Suppose you receive a quote of $200 for your Strategic Management paper from us. If your friend has a much shorter deadline, we may quote him/her $250 for the same assignment due to the short turnaround time. In such a case, you will have to pay $180 and your friend will have to pay $225 (10% off each) for your respective assignments if ordering through refer a friend.”

I want to refer a friend but he/she has a different assignment (or an assignment of a different subject). Will I still get the referral discount?

No problem! Your friend and you can still get the referral discount provided both of you add us on WhatsApp (+61 451 019 239) and say “Hi”. Yes, that is all you need to do if both of you have a different assignment and want to get 10% off.


Terms and Conditions

  1. The referral discount is limited to 10% of our quote per copy
  2. Our quote is valid for a specific assignment and a specific turnaround time. If any of these conditions change, we may give you a different quote
  3. If your friend has a different assignment from you, both of you will have to add us on WhatsApp to get the referral discount of 10%
  4. If you do not order all the copies at the same time, you will have to pay the original quote for the first copy. The total discount can be adjusted upon confirmation of subsequent copies.
  5. This offer cannot be clubbed together with any other offer or discount code
  6. The management at MAE reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time without prior notice