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Presentations are an important part of a student’s life. Some colleges require you to deliver a presentation almost every week. When delivering a presentation, you have a chance to make an impact on your fellow students and, more importantly, professors which can help you in getting a higher grade. However, delivering a presentation can be a torrid time for students especially if they don’t have a clue on how to go about making one.

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One reason why students do not give their presentation assignments the importance they deserve is that they share some misconceptions about presentation making. We are busting these misconceptions here.

Misconception 1: Presentation assignments do not require much research

Many students believe that they do not have to conduct much research when they have to present only for 5-10 minutes. In doing so, they lose a big opportunity to impress their professors by showcasing the extent of research they have done. A 10 minute presentation may require as much research as required for a 5 page research paper. Even though your research may not reflect in slides, it is reflected in how you present your slides and how you handle questions afterwards. So taking presentation assignments lightly is one mistake you must avoid.

Misconception 2: Presentation assignments will not have much impact on my grades

Even though the actual weight given to presentation assignments is not much, they can impact your overall performance immensely. Professors tend to form their opinion about students based on the creativity and liveliness they display during presentations. This invariably influences how lenient or strict they are when deciding on your final grades. So even though you may not perform particularly well during your examinations, you may still end up with good grades if you made a positive impact during your presentation.

Misconception 3: Presentations do not require much referencing

Students may believe that they can ignore referencing when making presentations. However, a well referenced presentation not only makes you look credible, but also helps in achieving a higher grade. Many universities insist that you reference any image or table you use in your presentations. Some of them even run the presentations through a plagiarism checking software such as Turnitin. So referencing in presentations is as important as referencing in a research paper.

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