Assignment Writing Help: 7 Trends in 2020

Assignment Writing Help in 2020

Essay writing is passé; gone are the days when the only way to secure good grades was to write high quality essays or reports. Colleges recognise the futility of a grading system dependent upon report writing skills alone. Professors are devising unique and innovative ways to test their students which include more application-based tasks, e-portfolios, online quizzes etc. However, these tasks require more time and effort of already burdened students than ever. As a result, the need for providing quality assignment assistance services has shot up. The need of the hour for assignment writing help companies is to keep up their games to stay relevant. Here are seven trends in assignment writing help that will affect students in 2020 and how My Assignment Expert can help:

1. Application based assignments

A major trend in college assignments is that professors have started setting more application-based assignments. This means that professors are looking for your application of concepts in smaller organisational contexts. Consider this example:

Earlier assignment topic: Discuss the implementation of innovation at Apple Inc.

New assignment topic: Discuss the implementation of innovation at <<a small Singapore company/your workplace>>

The earlier topic is concerned with a major multinational company (Apple Inc) and a quick Google search will throw up hundreds of results on similar topics. If you are lucky, you may find an entire assignment done on the same topic by another student. However, if the context is a small company, it is not possible to rely on one’s Googling skills alone as a similar assignment may not have been done before. One cannot simply paraphrase an existing assignment and meet the requirements. To complete such assignments, one must possess not only knowledge, but also resourcefulness. While knowledge facilitates application of theory, resourcefulness helps in collating information and organising it in desired form. Therefore, students struggle with these application-based assignment topics as they require more time and effort and seek assignment writing help.

How can help you with application-based assignments? We hire writers who possess mastery over their subjects and don’t rely on simple Google based research to prepare assignments. Our writers have excellent applications skills as they can apply course’s concepts to any real or hypothetical company. This gives us an edge when we help you with your application-based assignments. We are one of the very few assignment writing companies that boasts of over 75% customer retention rate. This means that 3 in 4 clients come back to us to place another order.

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2. E-portfolio assignments

Another trend which is catching up in college assignments is the requirement of e-portfolios (or electronic portfolios). An e-portfolio is a collection of electronic evidence assembled and managed by the student in the form of essays, blogs, multimedia presentations, infographics, etc. This shows progression of student’s learnings over time and their achievements. While they take the stress away from a written assignment, they still place the burden of designing a portfolio consisting of images, presentations or blogs. This can be more time consuming than a traditional assignment and, thus, e-portfolios are highly unpopular among students especially those working part-time. While a traditional assignment can be prepared in one night, these portfolios can take weeks of work and require continuous commitment throughout the course.

How can help students with e-portfolio assignments? Many students ask us “if we can help them with their e-portfolio assignments?” The answer to this is a resounding yes as our experts possess years of experience in preparing e-portfolios. Even if you have not been regular in your studies and are looking to get an e-portfolio done overnight, can help you with it. Our experts will diligently prepare believable evidence for your e-portfolio and give it the professional touch that is needed. Whether you want a series of blogs, multimedia presentations or infographics, experts at are prepared to meet your requirements.

3. Completion of assignment in stages

Nowadays professors don’t ask for the complete assignment at the end of term, they ask for the assignment to be submitted in stages instead. For example, your professor may ask you to submit a research paper in the following stages: Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Results, Discussion and Conclusion. Once the previous section is satisfactorily completed, you may be asked to proceed with the next section. While some students may welcome this change as they receive continuous feedback, it is not good news for majority of students who are already busy with other responsibilities. Submission in stages means that students will require more time and commitment to complete their assignments, something not all students are ready for. Thus, it is natural for them to seek assignment writing help as it must be completed in several stages.

How can help you in completing assignments in stages? We understand this changing need of students and we don’t force students to make the complete payment upfront. We give you a separate quote for each section and you can choose to pay for the next section only once the previous section is approved by your professor. If you receive any feedback from your lecturer, we cover it under our FREE rework policy. This means that we can deliver assignments which are much closer to your professor’s expectations without burning your pockets. In case you don’t wish to continue with a later chapter, you can easily opt out of later payments and continue with the work we have done for you. Thus, you get flexibility in payments and as you can take help for only those difficult sections instead of the entire assignment.

4. Online quizzes

As part of continuous assessment policy, many professors set online quizzes which students must complete on their students’ portal. Online quizzes can be tricky and if one is not sufficiently prepared, one can lose out on some easy marks. Many students make the mistake of relying on websites like Quizlet, Coursehero, and Chegg to find answers of their quiz questions. However, research has shown that almost 40% of the answers published on these websites are incorrect. Some professors can make life even more difficult for students by changing options or slightly rewording the quiz questions. This may make it impossible for students to use Google to answer their quiz questions. Then there are students who may not seek help for their online quizzes at all as they fear that their personal details (like student portal login details) may be leaked to third parties.

How can help students with Online Quizzes? At, our experts don’t rely on Googling skills to complete your questions. We assign your online quizzes to only those subject experts who possess in depth knowledge of their subjects. This means that irrespective of the structure of the quiz, we can help you with it with confidence. We are the online assignment help company which offers a minimum 75% accuracy guarantee with its online quiz help service. Also, we don’t ask students for their student portal login details and all communication with the expert happens over a third-party app (WhatsApp or Skype). When you take help from us, your university’s student portal will log your IP address, not ours. Know more about the privacy and expertise in online quizzes offered by My Assignment Expert here.

5. Stronger plagiarism checking software

Plagiarism checking software like Turnitin and UniCheck are becoming smarter with time. Students can no longer depend upon finding flaws with Turnitin in the hope of exploiting them. Even if there are some flaws, Turnitin may fix it before you can submit your next paper. As you might be aware, plagiarism is an academic sin and students can get a straight F or, worse, expelled from their universities for plagiarising. Thus, the only reliable way to get unscathed from plagiarism checking software is to write from scratch and cite references properly. This means that students will need stronger writing skills and more research time before they can prepare a paper that will fetch them a PASS grade. It is no surprise then that students want complete dependability from their assignment writing help providers.

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6. Feedback by professors

Professors have become more demanding of their students than ever before. This means that they will ask for assignment submission in stages, provide feedback on the draft submitted and expect changes to be made before the final submission. Modern technology like the use of student portals (Blackboard) have made it possible for professors to give individual, group or overall feedback to their students. They can even compare the two drafts to check whether the students have made changes. If students want to score good marks or grades, they must take this feedback seriously and make relevant changes in a strict turnaround time. Unfortunately, many assignment writing companies try to fleece students by charging extra money or denying reworks altogether which makes it a very expensive proposition for students.

How can help students with feedback from professors? makes it a point to deliver assignments well before deadline so that students have enough time to seek their professors’ feedback. We have made a student friendly rework policy so that they don’t have to pay extra or wait for several days before receiving the revised draft. We provide FREE reworks for up to 60 days from the day of first submission and any rework can be done in as little as 24 hours. As long as you don’t include new instructions in your rework request, we will do as many reworks as you want till your professor is completely satisfied. Due to the level of trustworthiness we provide, more than 75% of our customers come back to us to place a repeat order.

7. Open book examination

The last trend is something which has been in vogue for several years now: open book examination. Professors are willing to allow students to refer to their textbooks and smartphones during their final examination. This means that the focus of these assignments has shifted from knowledge to analysis and evaluation. There will be no direct questions from the textbook, and you must apply the knowledge to a given context and show adequate analysis skills. This makes it more difficult for international students who have English as their second language. While they are often the smartest students in class, they find it difficult to express their viewpoints in academic English which causes them to lose marks. They often look for tutors who can provide examination assignment writing help in real time.  

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