10 Funny excuses by students for not doing their assignments

Nobody likes homework, whether it’s a five year old boy or a university student. More hours are spent thinking of convincing excuses for not completing assignments than those spent in actually trying to complete it. Thinking of excuses is then more exhausting than putting brains to work for the assignment when reasons like ’My dog ate my homework’ lose their credibility due to overuse. These reasons have evolved over the years to gain professors’ confidence and here is a list […]

STOP wasting time, find an expert to do your assignments NOW

Are you still doing your college assignments in 2023? If yes, you are making a big mistake. We will tell you why finding someone else to write your assignments could be the smartest decision you will ever make.   At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we help thousands of students every year with their essays, coursework, assignments, and online quizzes. Get in touch with us via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) or Zalo to know more about our professional assignment writing service.   We know […]

Can ChatGPT do my assignments? The answer is NO and here is why.

Microsoft backed ChatGPT has taken the academic world by storm. In case you are not aware, ChatGPT is a chatbot that responds to questions in human-like language using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This has led many students to believe that they can rely on ChatGPT to do their useless assignments. To answer this question without bias, our experts at MyAssignmentExpert.com conducted several hours of independent research in using ChatGPT and here are our findings on the limitations of ChatGPT. These […]

Assignment Writing Help: 7 Trends in 2020

Essay writing is passé; gone are the days when the only way to secure good grades was to write high quality essays or reports. Colleges recognise the futility of a grading system dependent upon report writing skills alone. Professors are devising unique and innovative ways to test their students which include more application-based tasks, e-portfolios, online quizzes etc. However, these tasks require more time and effort of already burdened students than ever. As a result, the need for providing quality […]

Why cheap assignment writing services can prove costly?

Are you looking for cheap assignment writing services? Do you use only low price as the criterion while choosing an assignment writing service? Think again! A quick Google search will throw up thousands of assignment help websites offering services at absurdly low prices. We have seen some websites charging ridiculously low amounts such as $9.95 per page. While it is easy to get enticed by low prices, students should be aware that cheap does not mean quality. In academic writing […]

Stop feeling guilty about taking assignment help

In my eleven years of experience as an academic counsellor at My Assignment Expert, I have interacted with thousands of students studying in Australia, Singapore and the UK. I have realised that many students don’t seek assignment help services even if they need it badly. It is not that they are worried about plagiarism or poor quality, it is simply because they feel guilty about asking someone to write their assignments. I was reminded of this in my recent conversations […]

Genuine Assignment Help in Singapore in 2018

MyAssignmentExpert.com has been helping students from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries with their assignments for 10 years now. We have observed noticeable changes in the assessment and evaluation methods used by Universities in the last few years. At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we train our writers to embrace these changes so that we can continue to deliver quality assignments to our clients. In 2017, we had a client retention rate of over 75% which means that more than three-fourths of our […]

Debunking tall claims made by assignment service providers

Debunking 5 claims that dishonest assignment service providers make Academic writing is an extremely competitive industry. If you are a student and you search for terms like “assignment experts” or “assignment writing help”, you will find hundreds of thousands of websites vying for your business. To convince you that theirs is the best assignment writing service online, some of these websites will use deceptive means to the point of making exaggerated claims about their businesses. Many unsuspecting students and first-time […]

Get a distinction in your essay, use our premium service

Are you looking for an assignment service that can deliver a distinction? Are you looking to impress your professor or fellow students with your grades? Do you want a guarantee that you will get what you pay for? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we offer our premium assignment writing service for students like you. It does not matter whether you are studying in Australia, Singapore, New […]

Order Assignments on WhatsApp +65 8115 0113

As a true pioneer, MyAssignmentExpert.com was the first website to offer assignment ordering service via WhatsApp. We felt that the traditional system of ordering assignments online (logging on to a website or sending email) is too cumbersome. Students often complained about long delays in getting a response and not getting answers to their specific queries. In response, we thought of introducing WhatsApp support to better assist our customers. When using our WhatsApp service, you don’t have to visit our website […]