Can ChatGPT do my assignments? The answer is NO and here is why.

Microsoft backed ChatGPT has taken the academic world by storm. In case you are not aware, ChatGPT is a chatbot that responds to questions in human-like language using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This has led many students to believe that they can rely on ChatGPT to do their useless assignments. To answer this question without bias, our experts at conducted several hours of independent research in using ChatGPT and here are our findings on the limitations of ChatGPT. These limitations mean that using ChatGPT can put students into serious trouble and attract charges of plagiarism. Order assignments from a human expert using WhatsApp +65 8115 0113 instead. 

ChatGPT cannot do college level assignments, rely on expert help instead

1. An experienced professor can tell the difference

You may have heard the claim that almost 75% humans cannot tell the difference between human written content and AI generated content. However, we can assure you that none of these “humans” are your teachers or professors. In our research, all our experts could identify AI generated content, when presented with several options. Your professors are smarter than you think and you are better off not relying on a chatbot to write your assignments. Imagine submitting robotic content written in flawless language to your professor, when your professor knows that you are not a native speaker of English language. You are likely to attract unwanted attention and possibly charges of plagiarism. In fact, it was a professor at South Carolina University that flagged the use of ChatGPT by one student, that resulted in the student getting expelled.

However, when you choose a human writer at to do your assignment, there is no way professors can tell the difference. Our human writers prepare assignments assignments that sound and read exactly like what an assignment written by a student should sound and read like. Since our inception in 2010, we have helped thousands of students in writing custom assignments. We are proud to declare that none of our clients has been flagged for academic misconduct because of our strict anti-plagiarism policy.

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2. ChatGPT’s knowledge is limited to data before 2021

A big limitation of ChatGPT is that it cannot research newer articles (published after 2021) when answering questions. Most university professors set assignments on recent topics that require students to search for latest articles or reports published in last 2 or 3 years. For example, a Marketing professor may set a topic on “suggested marketing mix for Adidas in the current context”. As part of this assignment, students must do current environmental analysis and research content published in last two to three years. ChatGPT cannot handle such requests and may return useless or completely incoherent content that is likely to receive a FAIL grade in most universities.

In contrast, the human writers at always look for current journal and newspaper articles so that your assignments are as relevant to the current context as possible. So, if you have an assignment that requires you to do research on current events, you are better off choosing a reliable human expert instead of ChatGPT.

3. ChatGTP cannot do referencing

A basic requirement for any academic assignment is that it asks for citations and references to support one’s arguments. One of the biggest limitations of ChatGPT is that it cannot provide citations or references for the content it generates. In other words, you have no means to check the authenticity of the answers it provides. The answer may have taken content from an unreliable or an incorrect source such as Yahoo Answers or YouTube comment and you have no means to verify it. When you submit an assignment without references or incorrect references, you put yourself in danger of attracting plagiarism charges from your University.

In contrast, the human writers at are experts at using most referencing styles such as APA, Harvard, MLA, or Chicago. We are adept at using a referencing style that is suggested by your professor or university and provide content that is well-researched and professionally presented. When your content is strongly backed by reliable and current references, there is no way that you can be accused of plagiarism.

4. ChatGPT cannot handle complex topics

While ChatGPT may provide acceptable answers for relatively simpler queries and descriptive assignments that rely on remembering and understanding skills, it fails badly at higher level assignments requiring analytical, evaluation or synthesis skills. You may rely on ChatGPT to answer basic questions like recalling basic concepts (for example, define 4Ps in marketing) or explaining concepts (for example, identify the different types of pricing policies). However, when it comes to more complex topics requiring higher order skills (for example, analyse or evaluate the pricing policy adopted by Nike) or even creation of new content (for example, suggest a new pricing policy for Tesla’s model X), it performs terribly and give out laughable answers.

In other words, AI is still not developed enough to handle complex assignments that are usually required in graduate or post-graduate level courses. If you are a school student looking to complete simple assignments, you may use ChatGPT. However, if you are pursuing a college or University level course, you are better off opting for a reliable human writer.

At, we have writers who are proficient at higher-order academic skills like analysis, evaluation, and synthesis. Our writers are experienced in handling such complex topics and will write extremely well-researched answers to meet your requirements. Also, we submit assignments in a “ready-to-submit” format so that you do not have to worry about making any changes to it such as adding a table of contents or adding citations. You do not have to do anything else when you order assignments from as our experts handle everything for you.

5. Using ChatGPT may attract charges of plagiarism

Even if you get an easy assignment that does not require higher-order skills, there is still a huge risk of plagiarism. Imagine a situation where your entire class uses ChatGPT to research their assignment. It is no-brainer that the entire class will likely get in trouble for submitting similar wording assignments. Most anti-plagiarism software (Turnitin) are updating their codes to identify AI generated content. Thus, it is not long before Turnitin or any anti-plagiarism software will flag your assignment for plagiarism if you use content from ChatGPT. It does not matter whether the content has been previously used or not. You are putting yourself at a great risk of plagiarism and possible expulsion from your university should you use ChatGPT for writing your assignments.

When you order assignments from, our writers do everything from scratch. Once our writers submit the assignment, the assignment goes to an in-house editor for editorial review. During this process, our in-house editors look for possible errors or omissions and conduct plagiarism check. Thus, we can guarantee that the assignment you receive from us will be of high-quality and completely plagiarism free. We can even provide a plagiarism report to support our case. If you want complete peace of mind while finding someone reliable to do your assignment, look no further than

6. ChatGPT will compromise your privacy

Another limitation of ChatGPT is that it asks you to login to your account before submitting a query. It keeps a record of all the queries generated by an account. It will not be averse to sharing it with your university officials, should such a situation arise. Even if you use a fake account, ChatGPT still records your IP address and computer details that can violate your confidentiality. ChatGPT will store your data and will not hesitate to resell it to third parties for commercial purpose. Always remember,

“If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold”

When you order assignments from, you do not risk your privacy. We have a strict privacy policy that means that we do not store students’ data. Also, we will never resell assignments done for you to any third party. Thus, even if your college or university asks for your purchase history, we assure you that we will never share it. This is because we are a paid service and understand the value of our customers’ privacy.

In short, ChatGPT is not going to replace human writers anytime soon. The current AI technology is not advanced enough to handle complex college level assignments anyway. Even if you decide to use it, remember that others are using it too. Using ChatGPT will expose you to charges of plagiarism and possible expulsion from your university. Further, when you use ChatGPT, you share your confidential information with a commercial third party and they can resell or share your data with any third party.

If you want to avoid such issues and looking for quality assignment help for college or university level courses, feel free to contact our team via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113) or email. We will be glad to assist you.

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