Stop feeling guilty about taking assignment help

In my eleven years of experience as an academic counsellor at My Assignment Expert, I have interacted with thousands of students studying in Australia, Singapore and the UK. I have realised that many students don’t seek assignment help services even if they need it badly. It is not that they are worried about plagiarism or poor quality, it is simply because they feel guilty about asking someone to write their assignments. I was reminded of this in my recent conversations with Vivienne, a Chinese student studying in Australia.

It was about a year back that Vivienne first visited our website,, asking for help with her Marketing assignments. Even though we gave her a competitive quote, we did not hear from her. I assumed that she had chosen another assignment help service provider. However, she came back to us about six months later asking for help on the same subject. During a WhatsApp conversation, she revealed to me that she had failed her module as she tried to do her own assignments. Some of her friends who took assignment help from us had passed while she was required to pay a hefty module fee for resit. I found that Vivienne was very sharp, and she understood her subject matter well. However, due to her limited English skills, she found it difficult to write academic essays and reports required at this level. She later admitted that she was feeling guilty about asking someone else to write her assignments in her previous term and she paid a heavy price for it. Ultimately, she chose our Marketing experts to do her assignments and passed the course with flying colours. She was very happy when she eventually landed a job and it made her parents immensely proud. She is still in touch with me and thanks us often for getting her Australian dream back on track.  

There are so many students like Vivienne studying in Australia or Singapore who feel guilty of seeking help in their coursework. I have listed the most common reasons students cite for feeling guilty and why they are impractical and immature at best:

I want to ‘earn’ my degree: This is one of the most common reasons students give me when they decide not to take the help of an assignment help service. They mistakenly believe that they would not have ‘earned’ their degree or their degrees would have no ‘value’ if they don’t do their assignments on their own. Nothing could be further from the truth.

True learning in a degree course lies in the numerous classes you attend, countless interactions you have with your professors and your peers, the group discussions or activities you take part in and so on. College assignments form a tiny and insignificant part of this learning process. Remember that you are still required to attend your end semester examinations. These assignments are meant to provide validation to the colleges, not to the students. Even if a student has not completed these assignments on his/her own, no one can take away the learnings of the course from that student. You can still sit ace your interviews and excel in your future career without worrying about doing those boring assignments on your own. Leave your assignment worries to an honest assignment writing service like MAE.

I will develop useful skills by doing these assignments: I just wish I had a nickel for every time I heard that. There is absolutely nothing you can learn by doing these useless college assignments other than teaching others how to do them. Just go back in time to your school days when your parents used to say that you must take your Mathematics seriously. How many of you have found real use of Calculus, Trigonometry or even Vectors that you studied at AS or A levels?

The same is the case with your college assignments. When you will have entered your professional careers, you will realise that none of the skills you developed in doing these assignments are helpful in your careers. These assignments don’t teach you how to handle difficult customers, demanding bosses or even manage your workplace conflicts. You learn these skills when you interact with people around you, not isolate yourself from your peers in a room to do these dreary assignments. Instead of wasting time on these assignments, you should go out and hone your soft skills instead which will hold you in good stead in your future. There are plenty of reliable assignment writing websites like ours to help you with these assignments.

I feel pride in completing assignments on my own: Ah, the false pride students take in completing their own assignments! Let me share a life’s secret with you: Don’t hesitate in asking for help when you need it. You can’t excel at everything in life and there will be things you require help with. Successful people become successful not because they try to do everything on their own, but because they learn the art of delegating ‘less important’ tasks and choosing the ones which add most value to them. Don’t ever feel ashamed that you have had to ask for help for anything in life even if it is for completing your assignments.

If you believe that doing assignments on your own will add huge value to your career, go ahead and immerse yourself in these assignments. However, as I explained in my previous point, doing these assignments on your own is a waste of time. Writing your own assignments is not an accomplishment that you can highlight in your resume or brag about during interviews. Your recruiter will not be impressed if you don’t appear confident during your interviews. Similarly, your friends will not help you during your difficult times if you did not help them in theirs because you were busy doing some useless assignment. You will never get a chance to pursue your passion like travelling with friends because you wanted to feel the pride in completing your assignments on your own. There are several professional assignment writing services like MAE that will do these assignments much better than you at highly competitive prices. Remember that you have a limited time as a student, and you should not do any task which will add little value to your wellbeing.

I will gain an unfair advantage over others: Now this is where I ask students to get real and practical. Life is a race and not everyone starts on an even keel. There are some students who have been given everything on a platter while there are others who had to fight for every small bit they got in life. The reality is that both these sets of students will be competing in life. Your job as a student should be to give yourself as many advantages as you can to get the head start. The reason why you chose to go to college in the first place was that you could gain an advantage over non-degree holders.

Some students are concerned that it is ‘unethical’ to seek assignment help and their parents will be unhappy if they seek assignment help. They wrap themselves under this moral garb and prefer to remain miserable while doing college assignments. The reality strikes them when they fail their modules and are required to pay a hefty resit fee which adds to their student loan burden. In the end, they end up making their parents even unhappier. It is time you realise that if you pass your modules and get a good job even if it means getting someone else to do your assignments, your parents will be nothing but proud of you.

I am afraid that I will be caught taking assignment help: Some students are simply afraid that they will be thrown out of their colleges if they are caught taking assignment help. Many universities spread this nonsense and even make students sign an ‘academic integrity’ clause. This is nothing but hogwash. Universities make money out of international students and they cannot risk killing the goose that lays golden eggs by expelling international students for taking assignment help.

Despite this, if you are afraid of being caught, you should take help of a writing service which has strict confidentiality clause. When you take help from, we never ask you for your personal information nor ask you to sign up at our website. Whatever information you share with us remains protected and we never share it with any outside party. There is absolutely no chance that you will be caught taking assignment help if you choose us. Read our Privacy Policy to know more.

I know students may have several reasons not to choose an assignment writing service. However, feeling guilty should never be one of them. I can understand if a student is hesitant because he/she is concerned about plagiarism or poor quality. For such students, we have prepared a comprehensive guide on how to choose a trustworthy assignment writing service.

However, if morality is your concern, I will suggest: Shed any false pretences and unabashedly seek help of a dependable assignment writing service. To place an order with us, mail us at or WhatsApp us at +65 8115 0113.

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