Why cheap assignment writing services can prove costly?

Are you looking for cheap assignment writing services?

Do you use only low price as the criterion while choosing an assignment writing service?

Think again! A quick Google search will throw up thousands of assignment help websites offering services at absurdly low prices. We have seen some websites charging ridiculously low amounts such as $9.95 per page. While it is easy to get enticed by low prices, students should be aware that cheap does not mean quality. In academic writing industry, quality is of paramount importance. If you choose cheap assignment writing services, they can prove costly in other ways. As part of our customer awareness initiative, we have highlighted reasons why students should avoid cheap assignment writing services:

Cheap means incompetent writers

This is a no-brainer if one tries to find out the economics of assignment pricing. A website which charges $9.95 per page is likely to pay their writers $3-$4 per hour or even lesser. After all, they must pay for their fixed costs and make profits too at the same time. Imagine the kind of writers who would be willing to work at these rates. These rates are even below the minimum wages in most countries. Even if you get something in the name of an ‘assignment’, what you will get is likely to be blatantly plagiarised, ill researched and simply unsuitable for graduate courses. We have also heard of instances where these websites haven’t paid their writers at all. It can be a cause of serious concern for students if they have shared any personal details with such websites.

A professional assignment help website spends money on competent writers, editorial reviews, plagiarism report, customer support (those Live Chat agents need to be paid too), website maintenance etc. Of course, they have to make a profit on top of that too. A competent academic writer in Australia or Singapore charges a minimum of $15 an hour. It will be slightly lesser in countries like the Philippines and India. If you order a 2000-word management report (7-8 hour work for most competent writers), expect to pay at least $160 (Australian Dollars) if you choose a reliable assignment writing website like My Assignment Expert. If you are being quoted anything lesser elsewhere, don’t be surprised if your assignment turns out be shoddy or does not show up at all.

Cheap means no plagiarism check

It comes down to economics of assignment writing business again. If a website quotes you less than $70 per 1000 words, it cannot afford to use a premium plagiarism checker as a premium plagiarism checker like WriteCheck costs almost $15 per assignment. They may advertise a FREE plagiarism report but they are likely to use a free plagiarism checker online. Such plagiarism checkers can be very unreliable and may even store a copy of your assignment in their database. If you choose such services, be prepared for a high Turnitin similarity score and possible academic suspension for plagiarism.

At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we take students’ concerns about plagiarism very seriously. That is why MAE uses WriteCheck (powered by Turnitin) to check every assignment before we submit it to our clients. WriteCheck is the most advanced plagiarism checker available online and it uses Turnitin database. Also, WriteCheck does not store a copy of your assignment. Thus, even if we use it to check for plagiarism, you can be assured that you can still submit it to your University’s Turnitin without any issues. While it may add $15 to our costs, we don’t want you to be stressed out over plagiarism issues. When you are looking to outsource an assignment, do not take chances with plagiarism and stick to a professional assignment writing service like My Assignment Expert.

Cheap means no editorial review

Editorial review is a very important process in academic writing industry. There is a reason why even the media companies, which attract top notch writers, hire editors. However, cheap assignment writing services give you a short shrift and do away with editorial reviews altogether. They don’t spend on hiring editors as it can hurt their profit margins. They will submit whatever their writers submit to them. As there is no quality check on the assignments, you will receive a badly written or blatantly plagiarised assignment. You will end up chasing such websites for numerous reworks which can be a time consuming (and often futile) process.

At MyAssignmentExpert.com, your assignment goes through a strict editorial review process. Our editors are trained to identify any glaring errors so that your chances of getting a higher grade improves. We understand that you don’t have the time to review the assignment and ask for unavoidable reworks. Thus, our editorial team checks each assignment carefully so that what you receive is usually in a ‘ready to submit’ condition. We also have a comprehensive money back guarantee if we fail to meet our quality standards. Due to the reliability MAE provides, more than 78% of our customers come back to us to place another order.

Cheap assignment writing websites don’t care about their customers

Cheap assignment help websites will turn down rework requests citing unreasonable terms and may stop responding to your messages if the assignments are delayed or not delivered at all. You can only imagine the effort it will take to claim refunds from them if such a situation arises. These websites will use every trick in the book to keep your money and it may end up being an unpleasant experience for unsuspecting students who fall for such low prices. Irrespective of which assignment service you choose, you must select a service provider which cares for its customers.

MyAssignmentExpert.com believes in the motto “Customer is king.” We have a very reasonable rework and refund policy which extends up to 60 days from the date of first submission. Our customer care team is willing to help you 24/7 and can be accessed via WhatsApp (+65 8115 0113), Live Chat or email. In the unexpected and rare circumstances that we are unable to meet your deadline or quality standards, we will either issue a full refund or do another assignment of the same value FREE of charge. We are very transparent with our customers so that they have a wonderful experience even after they have received their assignments. This is why MyAssignmentExpert.com is the most trusted assignment writing service in Australia.  

Cheap assignment writing websites don’t care about your privacy either

This is one of the biggest reasons why you should avoid cheap assignment writing websites. These websites will not hesitate to resell your assignment to other customers and will even publish the resources you share with them as their own on their websites. Do a quick Google search for your assignment question and you will be surprised to see the number of websites that promise to help you with the exact same assignment. Some assignment help websites even give discounts to students if they share their requirements with them. Imagine what can happen if you share your personal information such as name, University or telephone number with these websites. These websites will try to make money at your expense by reselling this information to other interested parties which can adversely affect your privacy.

At My Assignment Expert, we take our customers’ privacy very seriously. When you choose our services, you will never be required to login to a portal or asked for your personal information. All of our communication happens through secured email service or encrypted WhatsApp service and you can delete it at your convenience. We never send an unintended email to our customers because we understand the importance of your privacy. If you share any resources or requirements with us, they remain completely confidential and we never resell them to any third party. When you order an assignment with MAE, you can be rest assured that you will receive an assignment which is written from scratch and never resold to anyone else.

Choose a Reliable Assignment Writing Service

As a responsible assignment writing service, we routinely highlight the various malpractices used by a cheap assignment writing service. These websites bring a bad name to the entire assignment writing industry. Even if students don’t choose our services, we strongly advise them to avoid cheap assignment writing websites. You will jeopardise your grades and even future if you fall for their gimmicks. Choosing a website which charges like $10 per page is a sure-fire way of getting scammed. A reliable assignment writing service will rarely charge anything less than $25 per page.

MyAssignmentExpert.com strongly believes in providing excellent value to its customers. Even though our services are not cheap, we believe in providing excellent value for your money. We are not asking you to trust us blindly. You can check some of our sample assignments or simply ask a friend of yours for review on our services.  

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