7 Practical Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is an art! It brings laurels to those who have mastered it. Essay writing is an essential part of academic courses and must be practised for good grades, recognition among peers and professors and enhanced learning in general. Read on for seven best and most practical tips for writing the best essay, one which will fetch you aces and impresses your professor!

1.Prepare Yourself

Essay writing is a complex task if you want great results, and thus you must come prepared! For writing a great essay it is important to read a good number of essays. This makes you familiar with the writing style, the structure, the idea, the purpose and the best methods of writing an essay. For international students, who are attempting to write essays in a language not native to them, it is all the more important. Reading a lot of essays, competent essays to be specific, teach a lot about sentence formations, correct usage of certain words and phrases, the right way to include examples, quotes and other facts etc.

Next in line is the language. You must have great ideas but they may go unheard if you don’t know how to put them on paper. The language gives the voice to your thoughts. Improve your vocabulary and ability to form error free sentences.

Once you have your tools at hand, set the engine in motion! Start working on your essay before the due date. Set an early deadline for the first draft to give yourself ample time for any reviews or corrections later.


This may sound like an unnecessary extra step in an already lengthy process while, in fact, this is the most important step you can take in order to write an excellent essay. Grab a pen and a paper and jot down all the points you can think of about your topic. Make a note of even those points which may seem remotely related to the topic. Just write what comes to your mind and you will have time to weave those random thoughts together.

Brainstorming is vital to the formation of a well written essay. It is the foundation ground of an essay as it gives you all the raw information which can be clubbed and organized to bring out a neat essay. It is a rough draft which gives you a fair idea of all the points you are going to include in your essay and helps in giving your essay a smooth flow, which is very necessary.


A good essay is well structured in addition to well written. Broadly, an essay has three main components – an introduction, the body and the conclusion. Together, they form the backbone of any essay. The introduction, in only a few sentences, gives the reader a fair idea of what the essay is going to be about. In a nutshell, it must highlight the purpose and the idea of your essay.

The body of the essay may continue for a few paragraphs. Include references from other popular essays written about your topic. Be creative and use a different angle to highlight your ideas to spark reader’s interest. Present your opinion on the matter and support it with facts, figures, examples and statistics. Make sure these clearly reflect the main idea of the essay.

Lastly, sum it all up for the conclusion. Choose your words wisely and put your opinion on the table. Make it short, make it precise.

4.Base your thoughts

Base your opinion on facts to give them substance. Your opinion will be of significance if you back it up with examples and scientific or statistical facts. It also shows that you have done your research and are providing only the most accurate and authentic information. An essay which is of purely academic nature must contain information which is precise and valid. Include the latest facts and studies related to your topic. Prepare a sound ground for all your views using and quoting only the most genuine information.


5.Be clear, be specific

Essays can go on for more than a thousand words at times. In times like these, it is crucial to not lose direction. Whether your essay is short or lengthy, never sway from the main idea of the essay. Do not venture far from it or you will lose sight of the point you had to make. Stay focused and build around the objective of your essay. Write only what is necessary to give weight to your theory and omit the irrelevant information.

Bear the reader and the topic in your mind as you write your essay. Using complex words and entangled sentences may obscure the message of your essay rather than getting you good grades. Try to sound specific rather than smart. Put your point across as clearly as possible so as not to leave any doubts in the mind of the reader.

6.Take expert advice

Should you find yourself struggling with your essay at any point in time, do not hesitate to take advice from the experts. There are quite a few efficient essay writing services available online which can be taken assistance from. Usually they have a team of experts who guide you with your assignments or essays and help you chalk out mistakes and learn from them. Working with experts associated with such essay writing services will help you understand the basics as well as the complexities of writing a good essay.

7.Ask for feedback

Once you have completed writing the essay, take a short break and come back to proofread it. Correct the mistakes and make the final amendments. Then ask a peer or a professor to read it and provide their feedback. It is most likely that they would be able to point out mistakes, if any, which you would not have been able to trace. Also, it will give you valuable points to improve on your essay before you turn it in.