10 Funny excuses by students for not doing their assignments

Nobody likes homework, whether it’s a five year old boy or a university student. More hours are spent thinking of convincing excuses for not completing assignments than those spent in actually trying to complete it. Thinking of excuses is then more exhausting than putting brains to work for the assignment when reasons like ’My dog ate my homework’ lose their credibility due to overuse. These reasons have evolved over the years to gain professors’ confidence and here is a list […]

Genuine Assignment Help in Singapore in 2018

MyAssignmentExpert.com has been helping students from Australia, Singapore, New Zealand and other countries with their assignments for 10 years now. We have observed noticeable changes in the assessment and evaluation methods used by Universities in the last few years. At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we train our writers to embrace these changes so that we can continue to deliver quality assignments to our clients. In 2017, we had a client retention rate of over 75% which means that more than three-fourths of our […]

Debunking tall claims made by assignment service providers

Debunking 5 claims that dishonest assignment service providers make Academic writing is an extremely competitive industry. If you are a student and you search for terms like “assignment experts” or “assignment writing help”, you will find hundreds of thousands of websites vying for your business. To convince you that theirs is the best assignment writing service online, some of these websites will use deceptive means to the point of making exaggerated claims about their businesses. Many unsuspecting students and first-time […]

Get a distinction in your essay, use our premium service

Are you looking for an assignment service that can deliver a distinction? Are you looking to impress your professor or fellow students with your grades? Do you want a guarantee that you will get what you pay for? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you have come to the right place. At MyAssignmentExpert.com, we offer our premium assignment writing service for students like you. It does not matter whether you are studying in Australia, Singapore, New […]

Why do students find essay writing terrifying?

Do you break into a sweat every time your professor asks you to write an essay? If you silently said yes in answer to this question then don’t be disheartened for you are not alone. A lot of students, especially international students, find it difficult to pen their thoughts down in the shape of a well written essay. Quite a large number of students suffer from writing anxieties owing to myriad factors. These factors may cause a student to come […]

How to Make Homework Interesting

Remember how we used to loathe homework as kids? Well, we still do. Unfortunately, just like those days, we really do not have an option. However, while college assignments are more time consuming and difficult, they hold a lot of importance and thus it is necessary to complete them with efficiency. The good news is, below are seven great tips to help you complete your assignments without dozing off! Homework is unavoidable, we understand. But there surely are ways to […]

How to get your assignments done before the deadline

Assignments, deadlines, submissions; these words can infuse fear in any student’s mind. Truth is, assignments can be a little daunting if not planned for in advance. As important as it is to write a flawless assignment, it is equally important to meet the deadlines. With many responsibilities to juggle with, it is crucial to maintain a balance between work and play. Below are some points to help you make sure that every assignment reaches the professor’s table in time! 1.Find […]

Inside the mind of an International Student

Our mind is naturally programmed to stay on a high alert when we travel to a new country. We are all too aware of our surroundings, too keen to learn something new, watchful of any impending risks and on an all time adrenaline high in general. But staying pumped up for extended lengths of time can be exhaustive for the body as well as the mind, don’t you think? Such is the peril of an international student. An international student’s […]

7 Practical Tips for Writing an Excellent Essay

Essay writing is an art! It brings laurels to those who have mastered it. Essay writing is an essential part of academic courses and must be practised for good grades, recognition among peers and professors and enhanced learning in general. Read on for seven best and most practical tips for writing the best essay, one which will fetch you aces and impresses your professor! 1.Prepare Yourself Essay writing is a complex task if you want great results, and thus you […]

Types of Professors you find in Colleges and Universities

Just like every class has motley of students, every college has an even broader variety of professors. From fiercely professional to slightly eccentric and from furiously strict to easygoing, every college has its own share of professors having some unique characteristics. While professors brand students as meticulous, mischievous, inattentive and completely devilish on the basis of their general behaviour, the students too, secretly, have a nickname for every professor which is said out loud only in closed circles. Let’s bring […]