Is academic writing the only way to judge a student’s potential?

Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” In a similar way, if we judge a student’s potential just by the way he writes his exams, assignments or essays, we may not be able to judge their true potential. As the Einstein quote reveals, everyone has his own strength and weakness, his own character, his own abilities. To have a standardised model of judging a student’s potential by way of exams is to undermine his individuality. University degrees are nothing but reflective of a student’s potential to write assignments which rely on rules of writing rather than substance. This is a major deterrent for students who are creative, individualistic but lack the “crucial” skill of good academic writing. In an event like this, what option does a student have? To contact academic help services is the answer.  There has been a lot of discussion in the academic quarters about how academic writing is reflective of how well the student understands the subject matter at hand. Let me just put my two pennies worth of argument here. The academic writing is a skilled job. There are many different types of writings categories as research report, thesis, argumentative essays, critiques, etc. On top of it, all these essays follow a definite pattern which is inherent to the essay, like a persuasive tone or expository tone. There has to be special emphasis to the grammar, punctuation, style of essay on each of these writings. There are many students who are not very adept to all these skills. To deal with all the technicalities of writing an academic piece adds to the headache of the student.

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In his commencement address to the graduating class of Stanford, Steve Jobs, the creator and ex-CEO Steve Jobs quoted an interesting anecdote from his life. He told the student that when he started with his university life, he had little interest in the ongoing lectures. Therefore, he used to go to Reeds college and joined a calligraphy course there. He studied calligraphy for 18 months, and later, when he was designing the first Macintosh computer, all came back to him. Macintosh computers were probably the first computers with calligraphy and typography. A very important observation can be made out from this incident of Jobs. Had he concentrated more on the kind of writing rather than the style and beauty it inherently contains, probably we would have witnessed beautiful fonts on a computer much later that what we know of today. And probably we might not have witnessed revolutionary products like iPhone and iPad at all.  The assessment of a student should not just be a mere exercise to improve his grades in a particular exam, but to make him realise his mistake, and to correct it on a more individual level. The “collective” nature of the exam, which leads to formation of groups, referred to as “grades”, seems to break the very basis of an educational setup, which is to maintain the individuality of a student. These exams rely heavily on grading the student on the basis of their writing skills. Generally, the teachers do not take enough measures to educate a student to improve upon these skills. This hampers the confidence of the student, wherein he secures lesser grades with students who are better in writing. Generally, the universities follow the “Summative Assessment” methods, which is a kind of assessment that involves taking exams, papers and project presentations and making portfolios. The need of this hour is to change this method of assessment in university and schools to “Formative Assessment”, which includes practices like written reflections (meaning asking questions to the students as to what did they actually learn in the class, barring the rhetoric), conducting polls and surveys, conducting in class activities of peer-to-peer learning, etc. However, since modern day education system is more convenient with the tried and tested formula of “Summative Assessment”, the true potential of the student, which was probably better than others securing higher grades, is neglected. However, in today’s digital world, a pool of educational resources is available to the students to overcome this difficulty. There are numerous websites which offer specialised academic writing to the students. These can be writings like normal school assignments, research papers, thesis dissertations, to even complex issue papers in subjects like economics and market research. These assignments help websites generally employ the services of different subject matter experts, in a variety of fields. These writers are chosen after a careful scrutiny of their previous work, academic achievements, and availability. This gives the student a confidence that his thoughts will be expressed clearly and under a guided supervision and it helps in providing the students of a material, which is of a good grade and quality.  Checks of plagiarism are incorporated to reduce the burden of the students. To top it all, the assignment writing services are generally very flexible to the needs of the students. There have been a lot of websites which also can be used just for proof reading. Therefore, a student has to write his own assignment but then can ask professionals in the field to check the essay before it is finally submitted to the professor. Thereby, a student does not entirely becomes dependent on these academic help websites, and it also enables him to retain his individuality. I personally think resorting to these academic help services for a reasonable amount of money is a good bargain considering the educational setup we have. MyAssignmentExpert is one such assignment help service which is trusted by thousands of students worldwide. It provides students with first rate assignments help at a reasonable price. We hire only the best writers so that the quality of the written material is exceptionally good and free of plagiarism. We also help students who are looking for an expert to just proof read their articles and assignments. Our service is highly recommended to students who are facing a time crunch or nearing deadlines. Place an order with us now and experience the positive difference in your grades.