How to use ChatGPT to write essays WITHOUT getting CAUGHT

Want to use ChatGPT to write essays without getting caught? ChatGPT is an art and this article provides useful tricks to master this art. 

Imagine that you have an essay due in 12 hours and you still have not started with it. Or you are struggling to find words to meet that 2000 word requirement for your assignment. 

ChatGPT has come as a boon for students who struggle to write assignments or essays. These students might possess excellent knowledge in their fields but simply fail to put it in words. In 2024, any student will think of using ChatGPT or any other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tool to generate an essay for them. It is nearly impossible to resist the temptation of using ChatGPT to do your essays when it can write hours of content within minutes. However, as you might have learned, it is not easy to get the desired output from ChatGPT. There are a few limitations of ChatGPT in doing essays or assignments that you must keep in mind. 


Moreover, if you submit this AI generated essay to your university, you are bound to get a “FAIL” grade. Most professors these days use AI detection tools, such as CopyLeaks, that can detect AI generated content easily. Turnitin has an inbuilt AI detection algorithm too, which is very powerful. You can try paraphrasing it using Quillbot or any paraphrasing tool but chances are it will still be flagged for plagiarism.

So, always use a trusted editing service to edit your ChatGPT generated essay so that it becomes human generated. We guarantee that after our editing, your AI generated essay will pass ANY plagiarism test in the world. Give it a try, it is much cheaper (starts only $9.95/page) than ordering a new assignment. WhatsApp us +65 8115 0113 to know more. 

Coming back to our topic, should you go back to writing those boring essays manually? Of course, NOT. It is possible to use ChatGPT to write your essays without getting caught. All you need to do is familiarize yourself with ChatGPT and learn a few hacks before you can use AI tools effectively in writing an insightful essay. 

I have conducted extensive research on ChatGPT and other AI tools since they released in 2023. With my experience, I can say with certainty that if you use these tricks, you can use ChatGPT to write insightful essays too. Remember that it takes time and practice to master these tricks so make sure you spend some time practicing them before you use submit a ChatGPT generated essay.

Here are my top SEVEN tips to write a compelling essay using ChatGPT

1. Give a context to your essay

A big mistake that students make is that they copy everything from their essay requirement document to ChatGPT but it ends up confusing the chatbot. Think of it as an essay writer. If you talk to a person, you will likely provide details about your course and topic first. For example:

“I am taking a Masters course in Early Childhood Education. My assignment requires me to design a classroom activity for 4-5 year olds that involves use of paper in classroom to develop fine motor skills.”

The above prompt sets the stage for ChatGPT to respond effectively. In the above prompt, we have provided information about the course, academic level, and key requirement succinctly. This will set the stage for ChatGPT to understand your requirements better. 

2. Engage in a conversation with ChatGPT

Before asking ChatGPT to write your essay, engage in a conversation with it. Ask if it needs any clarification or additional information to write your essay. Like any human, it is easy for AI chatbots to miss your point or veer away from the topic completely. So, it is your responsibility to bring it back to your topic in hand. If your essay requirements are too complex, remember to break them down in simpler bits. Ask it to paraphrase your instructions so far so that you can cross-check if it has understood your requirements perfectly. 

For example, when you have to use a few theories in your essay, you have to tell it to your chatbot. Consider prompts like: 

“Make sure to apply Vygotsky’s or Piaget’s theories on early childhood education in your response.”

3. Ask ChatGPT to break down your essay into smaller parts

A big limitation of ChatGPT is that it cannot write longer essays. If you instruct it to write a “2000-word essay”, it will either stop generating text or keep repeating itself. Ask it to first break down your essay into smaller parts and then expand from there. For example, use this prompt:

“Can you please provide a structure for my essay? My topic is <<replace it with your topic>>.”

Now that you have a structure in place, ask ChatGPT to generate text for each section separately. For example, you can ask it to write Introduction section first, followed by body paragraphs, and finally Conclusion. Make sure to link these sections with the following prompt:

“Using the above information, can you please write the next paragraph focusing on this <<replace with the next point from the structure>>.”

4. Play with multiple AI generators to write your essay

ChatGPT has a tendency to repeat the points in an essay. If you think that your content is lacking depth, try playing with multiple AI generating tools like Gemini or Copilot. This will give you diverse ideas to include in your essay, which will make it look well-researched and insightful. You can also cross-question each other by typing responses generated by one AI tool in another. For example, try entering this prompt in Gemini or Copilot:

“My tutor says that <<enter your ChatGPT response>>. What do you think about it and what more information can I add?”

And voila! You get an entirely new perspective to add to your paragraph. 

5. Keep ChatGPT on track during long conversations

If you engage in a long conversation with ChatGPT or any AI tool, you will find that it will stray from the topic and keep giving irrelevant answers. Even humans can get lost when they are engaged in a long conversation. However, there are a few techniques that you can use to keep ChatGPT bot on track. You can keep reminding ChatGPT of the brief context in your prompts. Or, you can ask the chatbot to justify its responses, for example,

“Why do you think that?” OR “Is there any evidence to support your claims”

These techniques are especially useful when you are writing a longer essay or a dissertation and you want an in-depth response without losing track of the overall research question. 

6. Read the entire essay to make sure it flows

Once ChatGPT has generated the entire essay in parts, you might find that some of these parts do not flow together. You should make sure that you read the entire essay and ask ChatGPT to rewrite certain chunks if they do not fit together in the essay. This task becomes more onerous if it is a really long essay and you can hire an expert to edit your essay. WhatsApp us at +65 8115 0113 to know about our affordable essay rewriting services. 

7. Get a reliable assignment writing service to paraphrase your ChatGPT generated essay

Once you are satisfied with the final output from ChatGPT, your next concern should be to avoid plagiarism detection. Modern plagiarism detection tools have powerful AI detection technology and you cannot merely rewrite a few words or sentences to avoid plagiarism alert. You can either completely rewrite the text in your language OR hire a reliable assignment writing service to completely paraphrase your essay. Remember that paraphrasing an AI generated essay costs much less than writing an essay from scratch. So, you will end up saving big time if you are willing to put in hard yards to get ChatGPT to write your essay. It is the only foolproof way of getting caught if you are using ChatGPT to write your essays. 

If you choose a reliable essay writing service like ours, we will also add authentic references to your essay. At, we have academic experts who can not only edit your essay, but also add genuine references to back up your arguments. 

Remember that ChatGPT cannot provide ‘authentic’ references. Referencing is a key requirement in any university level essay or assignment. If you prompt ChatGPT to generate references for your essay, you will likely get ‘inaccurate’ or ‘made-up’ references. Any experienced professor will instantly identify these references as fake and you risk failing your course and facing charges of ‘plagiarism’. DO NOT take this risk if you are not confident of finding ‘real’ sources to back up the arguments you make in your essay. 

Useful ChatGPT tips and prompts to help you write your essay:

  1. Keep re-asking the same question to chatbots. You will find that AI tools change their answer every time. Find a response that matches your requirements and build from there. 
  2. Do not change the page while writing your essay. ChatGPT will remain aware of previous conversations only if you stay on the same page. If you change the page, it might lose its awareness and start giving out-of-context responses that do not go with your essay plan. 
  3. If you think ChatGPT has missed out on a crucial requirement or instruction, you can remind it in your response. ChatGPT will rephrase its content accordingly. 
  4. Use examples to help ChatGPT understand your essay requirements. You might find that the ChatGPT responses are not incorporating your theories
  5. Cross-question ChatGPT frequently. You can ask it to justify its response or think from another perspective so that you can get more insightful responses. 
  6. DO NOT rely on ChatGPT generated sources. They are most likely made up or fake. Ask a real human reviewer to edit and reference your essay. 
  7. If ChatGPT fails to write your essay, do not worry. It is still an evolving tool and certainly not perfect yet. ChatGPT fails to do justice to assignments on topics like Statistics, Economics, Accounting, Finance, or other technical subjects. However, there are excellent real human writers who can still do a better job than ChatGPT in doing these complex assignments. WhatsApp us at +65 8115 0113 to know more about our trusted assignment writing service

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