How to Avoid a Fraudulent Assignment Writing Service?

We have heard numerous horror stories from students about fraudulent websites that deliver an unacceptable work leaving the students completely hapless. Such websites hire incompetent writers who simply do not have the necessary research skills required for a graduate level topic and/or necessary writing skills to write coherently. They often submit work which is remotely comprehensible or even worse, blatantly plagiarised. The students waste a lot of money in using such services and still end up failing their course.

There are tens of thousands of assignment help websites in the market but less than 1% can be termed as “reliable”. Most of these websites make false claims about their locations, qualifications of their writers and privacy policies. There is simply no trustworthy review of assignment writing websites to be found online. This can easily confuse students and many of them end up being cheated by fraudulent websites. We have formulated five warning signs which students should absolutely look out for when choosing an online assignment help provider.

Low Prices: Low price is the surest sign that a website is ‘fraudulent’. The old adage “If an offer seems too good to be true, it probably is” certainly holds true in this industry. There are many websites that offer essay writing service starting at $9.95 or $14.95 per page. Remember that a website has to make profit as well to remain sustainable. So you can safely predict the kind of writers they hire as no good writer will be willing to work at these rates.

We are not the cheapest service, but we offer you the best value for your money. Always remember “You get what you pay for” – if you are looking for higher quality assignments, be prepared to pay a premium.

Lack of Fax Support: In this age of internet telephony and Skype, it is very easy to obtain a US or Australia phone number while sitting in Kenya or India. So you will find a local phone number in most websites these days. However, getting a local fax number is much more difficult as it requires physical presence in that country. So fraudulent websites who lie about their locations do not provide fax support even though it costs a minimal amount. We advise students to always look out for fax support when choosing an assignment help service.

We provide 24*7 fax support (+61 2 8923 2533) for students looking for assignment help.

Poor Web copy: The quality of copywriting in most fraudulent websites is extremely poor. Their content is often filled with glaring spelling, grammatical and punctuation mistakes. It shows the level of attention they pay to their own websites and is a fair indicator of the level of attention they will pay to your assignments. We strongly advise students to always go through a website’s content thoroughly before choosing a service.

Our website’s content is written by the writers contracted by us. Feel free to browse through our website and get a sense of the quality of writing you can expect in your assignments if you choose our service.

Lack of Privacy: Most fraudulent websites pay little respect to the privacy of their customers. They collect personal information such as phone numbers and name of institute in their order forms. This information is often shared with third parties who can compromise with the students’ privacy. We strongly advise students against sharing their personal information with an assignment writing website.

At, we respect your privacy greatly and never ask you for your personal information. You can use our services without ever creating an account with us.

Lack of Presence in Reputed Directories: There are many reputed (yet free) online directories such as Google Places which accept entries only if they are able to verify the existence of a business at that location. There is absolutely no excuse for legitimate websites for not getting listed considering the level of credibility a presence in such directories brings to the website. If a website is not listed in a free directory such as Google Places, it can be safely assumed that they are making false claims about their location. So let reputed directories assist you in finding a reliable assignment help provider. is a verified business listed in Google Places. It shows that we are an authentic Australia based assignment writing service.

Look out for these five warning signs and avoid getting scammed. Do not take chances with your future – stick to our professional, Australia-based assignment help service.