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In 2018, it is no longer possible to simply Google an assignment topic and find similar assignments online. Professors are getting more creative in setting assignments topics as they ask for more application and in-depth research from students. Moreover, students must contend with continuous evaluation and highly evolved plagiarism checkers. The adage “content is king” is more relevant than ever. As a result, it has become more difficult than ever for international students to write assignments on their own and they must seek help from a reliable assignment writing website like ours.

We have summarised these 2018 trends in assignment writing for the benefit of international students in Singapore or Australia so that they can find professional assignment writers to assist them:

1. Use of e-portfolios and case studies as assessment tools: Gone are the days when professors used to give simple essays or reports which required mere comprehension of theories and their application. These days, professors use more comprehensive assessment tools like e-portfolios, simulations and real-life case studies. In an e-portfolio, students are expected to assemble multimedia evidence of their learning and reflect on these learning using their personal experiences. Students can no longer expect to complete these e-portfolios at the last minute as they require continuous logging of evidence.

Another assessment tool which is becoming more popular with professors is real-life case studies. Unlike traditional case studies which required students to use facts only from the case studies, the real-life scenarios require students to conduct external research on the scenario on their own. It is highly unlikely that a student will find similar case studies online and they must conduct in-depth research and integrate the findings in their solutions if they want to pass in these case studies.

How can help students with e-portfolios and case studies: At, we hire subject specialists (not generalists) to complete your assignments. They possess at least a Masters in their discipline and possess extensive subjective knowledge in their domains.  No matter what assessment tools are used by your professors, our writers are equipped to deal with them. Our writers will go beyond writing and collect evidence to help you complete your e-portfolios. They will conduct extensive external research so that your case study solution is customised to your requirements. If you are looking for help with e-portfolio preparation or case studies, we are always prepared to assist you.

2. Online quizzes: Online quizzes have been around for a long time. Professors have been using online quizzes using Blackboard, Moodle or Canvas to test student knowledge of their subjects. However, there has been a stark difference in the way questions are prepared now. Professors know that picking direct questions from the textbook is not enough as students are smart enough to Google the answers online. There are plenty of websites like Quizlet or Cram that contain a database of these questions and their answers which defeats the very purpose of these quizzes. Nowadays, professors frame questions in a creative manner so that they cannot be directly Googled. The options may seem confusing to students who do not have absolute clarity on the subject matter. Moreover, professors don’t often share the correct answers with the students after the quizzes in the fear that they will be leaked online. Thus, students need to have wide subject knowledge and application skills before they can attempt such quizzes.

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3. Continuous evaluation: Continuous evaluation systems are increasingly replacing the final examination systems in many Universities in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand. In a continuous evaluation system, professors are supposed to track students’ progress and offer support and guidance to improve student performance. However, in real life, most professors are too occupied to guide students on their assignments. While students will have to submit periodic drafts of their assignments for review, they are unlikely to get much feedback from their professors. This leaves students frustrated as they don’t find much guidance on their assignments and they must look elsewhere for help.

How can help students with assignment tutoring: is one of the leading assignment tutoring websites. We provide continuous support and guidance to students who are looking to complete their own assignments. Our tutoring services include academic research, progress tracking and assignment feedback so that students get the support when they need it the most. If you don’t have the time or patience to go through this process, you can avail of our assignment writing services too and our writers will do the rest.

4. Consistency in writing styles: Professors look for consistency in writing styles while evaluating assignments these days. If a student cannot produce speak one coherent sentence in the classroom, but produces an A level essay in the assessment, it may create suspicion for professors. All international students are expected to produce essays or assignments which are comprehensible and are of standard English. This makes many students nervous as they have English as their second language and they do not possess sufficient expertise in English writing to prepare a high-level assignment. They seek help from a professional assignment writing service like ours to help them achieve a decent grade.

How can help students in maintaining a consistent writing style: When you order an assignment from, we make sure that you get a writer who can closely mimic your writing style while still producing a University level assignment. Most of our writers come from countries like Singapore, Philippines, India, and Malaysia who understand the nuances of ESL (English as a Second Language) writing. We maintain your order history so that when you purchase another assignment from us in future, we do our best to assign it to the same writer or a writer with similar writing skills. This helps us in achieving consistency in writing styles for our customers. 

5. Evolution of plagiarism checking software: Plagiarism checking tools like Turnitin and iThenticate have evolved considerably in the last few years. Earlier, students used short cuts like using quotation marks, changing the order of the original sentence or changing a few words in a sentence to lower their similarity scores. However, plagiarism checker tools are continuously changing their algorithms and have caught up with these ‘smart’ tricks. The only reliable way to pass the plagiarism test now is to write your assignment from scratch and cite the references. This has burdened students who do not possess sufficient writing skills to express themselves. They try to copy other authors and end up plagiarising inadvertently. Their best hope is to take help from a dependable assignment writing service like ours which can help them express their thoughts in standard English.

How can help students in avoiding plagiarism: All our writers are professional academic writers who possess at least a Masters in their discipline and have excellent writing skills. They know how to express their thoughts coherently and cogently. If they take an expression or an argument from another author, they make sure to cite in your preferred referencing style (APA, Harvard or Chicago). To assuage any concern of our clients, we offer a FREE plagiarism report (powered by Turnitin database) with every assignment. This will act as a proof that when you submit our assignments to your University, you will not get any plagiarism scare. strives to achieve 100% satisfaction and complete peace of mind for our clients.

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