Debunking tall claims made by assignment service providers

Debunking 5 claims that dishonest assignment service providers make

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Academic writing is an extremely competitive industry. If you are a student and you search for terms like “assignment experts” or “assignment writing help”, you will find hundreds of thousands of websites vying for your business. To convince you that theirs is the best assignment writing service online, some of these websites will use deceptive means to the point of making exaggerated claims about their businesses. Many unsuspecting students and first-time users of assignment writing services are misled by these tall claims by such websites and end up making the wrong choice. strongly condemns such business practices and as part of our customer awareness initiative, we routinely publish blogs to reduce the information asymmetry between the students and assignment writing websites and help you make an informed decision. Even if you do not choose our services, we strongly recommend that you do not get misled by such unscrupulous claims made by other websites.

Claim 1: You need a native English speaker to write your assignment

Fact check: Many essay writing websites advertise that they hire only native English-speaking writers from the US, the UK or Australia. They try to mislead students into believing that only a native speaker of English language will be able to do justice to their assignments. A very high proportion of students who seek assignment help services have English as their second language. Most of them don’t possess competent English writing skills and it is easy to see why they fall for such claims. However, these claims are far from true. In fact, they put themselves at a greater risk if they fall for such claims.  

First, your professors probably know your standard of English. They have observed you during classroom discussions and other conversations. If you take help of a native speaking writer, an experienced professor will immediately notice the difference in writing style and may suspect you of passing someone else’s work as your own. This may invite rigorous questioning and they may even ask you to write another essay which may put you in further trouble.

Second, there are excellent writers from countries like Singapore, Philippines and India who can do justice to your assignment. They can not only produce a high-quality assignment, but also mirror a writing style which can be easily passed off as your own. These writers also charge a more nominal amount compared to what you would otherwise pay to a native English-speaking writer. If you are an international student and if you don’t have English as your first language, we strongly recommend that you seek help from these writers to write your paper instead of insisting on a native English speaker.’s take: We hire highly capable writers from different countries like Australia, Singapore, Philippines, India, etc. We have a database of 250+ academic writers and we can almost always find a writer who can meet your requirements satisfactorily. The reason why we are the assignment helper of choice for most students is that we assign them a writer who can closely mirror their writing style and yet produce a competent paper. Our policy has helped us to achieve a client retention ratio of more than 80% (one of the highest figures in academic writing industry).


Claim 2: You can pay just $9.95 per page and get a high-quality paper

Fact check: If you ever see a website charging such ridiculously low prices for your assignments, immediately look away. This is one of the biggest flags for a scam (see our tips to identify a fraudulent assignment writing website) and there will always be a catch. You may not receive any assignment at all or, even worse, may receive a plagiarised and a hopeless paper written by an incompetent writer with no recourse available.

The question arises: “How much genuine assignment writing services must charge?” Remember that all businesses exist to make profits. If a business has to be profitable, it must charge an amount which is sufficient to cover its expenses. Let us break it down and give you an insight into the costs involved in running an assignment writing business.

“If you order a 2000-word Management essay, the minimum time it will take a competent writer to do the required research and complete this essay will be 8-10 hours. The minimum wage a University graduate will charge in a country like Singapore is 8-10 SGD per hour. Add to it the time required to review the requirements, do reworks, and the costs involved in running a support team. If an assignment writing business has to be profitable, it must charge a minimum of 160-170 SGD to its clients. The costs will go up if the essay is of higher difficulty level and is expected to take more time and reworks.”

There is absolutely no way a website can charge in the range of 100-120 SGD for the same 2000-word assignment and yet provide a competent service. We often hear from students that they have been offered rates of $10/page by another website and they always regret their decision to buy assignments from such websites later. If you are looking for a competent University graduate to write your assignment for you, you better be prepared to pay at least 20-25 SGD or AUD per page.’s take: does not aspire to be the lowest-price assignment service provider; we intend to be the best value provider instead. Our prices are affordable for the student community and we make sure that we make it totally worth it if you choose our services. Some of our unique features are:

  • All assignments checked for plagiarism using Turnitin (costs $9.95 per assignment)
  • All assignments reviewed by an experienced editor
  • Money back guarantee (conditions apply)


Claim 3: You will get an Oxford/Cambridge <<insert any top university>> professor to write for you

Fact check: This is one of the most laughable claims made by any assignment writing service. Still, surprisingly many students fall for it. We have had many students who have requested for a Harvard or Oxford professor to do their assignments for them. Sorry to burst your bubble but “no professor from a top university or college will ever write a paper for you.” These professors are busy professionals and they get access to multiple opportunities which are far more stimulating and better paying than writing an academic paper. There is no reason for them to work at $8-10 an hour as they can easily earn ten times this amount by offering their consultancy service to a company. Alternatively, they can conduct research and publish papers in journal articles which is more intellectual stimulating and satisfying for them. It is senseless to even think that a professor will be interested in writing a university level paper for a student. Your assignments are most likely to be written by recent University graduates who are not yet established in their careers. These graduates turn to academic writing to supplement their incomes and have time, resources, and knowledge to write academic papers.’s take: At, we hire recent University graduates who have had excellent academic track records. These writers have first-rate academic writing skills, are aware of referencing requirements and are still in touch with the academic theories taught in those boring lecture halls in your course. As professors look for application of academic theories in their assignments, our writers are well placed to meet your expectations of a good grade. Not only this, our writers are thorough professionals who will not resort to plagiarism and will always meet your deadlines.


Claim 4: You will get a guaranteed distinction

Fact check: We don’t understand how some clients want us to guarantee them a distinction when they place an order with us. No reliable assignment writing service can guarantee you a grade. The reason is simple: Your grades depend upon the subjective opinion of your professor alone. Professors usually look for application of concepts and ideas taught in the classroom in their assignments. They give a lower grade to students if they don’t see application of these concept in their assignments even if the student has done excellent research. Unless one has not attended course lectures from the same professor, it is virtually impossible for one to secure a distinction, no matter how hard one tries. However, there are a few things students can do to improve their chances of a higher grade:

  1. Provide a marking rubric or a sample assignment
  2. Forward relevant lecture notes and lecturer tips for the assignment to the writer
  3. Show your assignment to your lecturer for feedback before submission’s take: At, we don’t promise any particular grade to students. We know that students feel hard done by if they don’t get the expected grades when they order an assignment. To help such students attain a higher grade, we promise the following:

  1. Assignment submission in parts: You can show the periodic drafts submitted by us to your lecturer for your review. We take such feedback into account and incorporate it in the final draft before submission.
  2. Assignment reviewed by experienced editors: We follow a maker-checker model for our assignments and all our submissions go through the lens of an experienced editor. This ensures that no requirements are missed, marking criteria are followed and referencing is top-notch.
  3. Submission before delivery date: We usually submit assignments much before the delivery dates promised by us. This ensures that you have sufficient time to go through the assignment or to show it to your lecturer for feedback.


Claim 5: Your writer will get it right the first time

Fact check: We have seen websites which claim that their writers are perfect and will meet any requirement you ask of them. They lull the students in believing that they do not need to keep any buffer time for any rework or changes. However, please understand that writers are human beings too and they work under constant pressure to churn up original work under tight deadlines. They can err too especially if the requirements were not clear or complex to begin with.

We understand that It can be a frustrating experience if your writer has not followed some of the requirements and you are left with little or no time to ask for a rework. You can avoid such a situation by simply ordering your assignment well in advance and not wait until the last minute to place an order. This will ensure that you have sufficient time to go through the assignment, to show it to your lecturer and ask for changes (if any). Also, you may consider ordering an assignment in parts so that you can gauge his/her expertise in the subject matter.’s take: strongly recommends students to place an order for their assignments well before their deadline. However, we understand that it may not be an entirely practical situation. Most students believe that they can complete their assignments themselves and it is only when a few days (or in some cases, a few hours) are left, they realise that it is best to trust our assignment experts. To help such students, we have come up with our urgent assignment service. For other students, we promise the following:

  1. We will accept your assignment only once we have clarified the requirements and we are sure of meeting your deadline
  2. We will submit periodic drafts of your assignment for review so that you can show it to your lecturer
  3. We will provide FREE reworks till you are completely satisfied (conditions apply)


If you wish to purchase an assignment from an honest and reliable assignment writing service which does not make such false claims, you can always consider We believe in guiding students at all stages so that they can take an informed decision. Even if you do not choose our services, we want you to remain cautious of websites that promise the moon. Remember: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.