How to Make Homework Interesting

Remember how we used to loathe homework as kids? Well, we still do. Unfortunately, just like those days, we really do not have an option. However, while college assignments are more time consuming and difficult, they hold a lot of importance and thus it is necessary to complete them with efficiency. The good news is, below are seven great tips to help you complete your assignments without dozing off! Homework is unavoidable, we understand. But there surely are ways to make it fun and not an arduous task. Read on to know these tricks!

1.Choose a nice corner

A school kid or a grad student, nobody likes homework. Did your parents lure you with fancy pencils when you were a child and refused to do your homework? Too bad those tricks wouldn’t work now. Nevertheless, a pencil with a clown head may not interest you after you have entered college but some decent piece of stationery will not fail to do the trick. Keep your desk organized and use fine stationery which makes you want to sit down and work! Also, always choose a bright and neat spot for completing your work. Use colourful charts, creative to-do lists, decorative pen stands and picture or quotes calendars to spice up your desk and make it a welcome and comfortable den.

2.Get a snack

Some foods help you focus better on your homework and won’t it be a bonus if it is delicious and healthy too? Rather than munching in front of the television which only makes you all the more lethargic, grab your pen and notebook as you satisfy your taste buds. However, it is important to choose a healthy snack which does not make you lazy and add unnecessary and unwanted calories. Choose from whole grains like oatmeal or toasts which provide the much needed energy or walnuts or flaxseeds which aid in healthy brain functioning. You can always opt for cool refreshing drinks to accompany your books.
Get- a-snack

3.Find a partner

Studying with a peer may prove quite beneficial if you find someone with the same temperament as you. It would be enlightening as well as interesting and fun to discuss difficult topics and quiz each other. If you study in a group and follow a schedule, you are less likely to procrastinate and abandon it mid-way. Moreover, you get the necessary motivation and support in addition to studying tips and help with assignments. Working in groups helps reduce anxiety and helps maintain an overall positive environment. However, it is very important that you find someone who is more sincere than you if not the same. If you choose a partner who is more interested in frivolity than finishing the assignment, you are better off without a study partner.

4.Be diverse

Working on a single topic or studying one subject for too long may lead to boredom. Give ample time to one subject but do not overdo it. Work on different subjects in one session to keep it diverse and interesting. You may also want to follow the golden rule of saving the best for the last. If you save the toughest subjects for last it would only lead to more frustration. In addition to that, it will lead to panic and anxiety should you find yourself short of time. Finish difficult topics first when your mind is fresh and then move on to subjects of your liking. Once you are done with the toughest ones, it will take much less time to complete your favourite subjects.

5.Take breaks

While you exercise your brain, it is also necessary to give it the rest it needs. Take short breaks of 10-15 min to refresh your mind and body after working for an hour. A continuous session of three hours may very well be less productive than three sessions of one hour each spaced throughout the day. You may take a plunge into long hours of labour and decide to get over with your assignments once and for all but it will only lead to excessive strain and frustration afterwards. So, to keep your work interesting, let it not take a toll on your ability to stay focused.

6.Goals and Rewards

It may seem childish but it nevertheless works! Set short and realistic goals and give yourself a reward upon its achievement. As useful as this trick is, it requires dedication and sincerity. The goal is to not cheat and stay honest! This trick pretty much follows the famous ‘Work Hard Play Harder’ rule. Work diligently on your assignment and once you have reached the goal you had set for yourself, give yourself a reward. Keep in mind to not set unrealistic goals as you will most probably wear yourself out in the quest to achieve them and waste valuable time and efforts.

7.Listen to music

No, when we talk about music here, we are definitely not talking about pop or rock and roll. The choice of songs can heavily alter the effects of this trick. Listening to mild music which is purely instrumental may help you disconnect from the outside world and improve your concentration. However, opt for music that soothes your mind but also has enough rhythm and beats to keep you relaxed and very well awake. Alternatively, listening to scores with a lot of words and upbeat tempo may result in diminished concentration with focus continuously getting directed towards the lyrics rather than your assignment. Most importantly, if chosen right, music helps fight depression and anxiety which in turn keeps you calm and focused. Choose wisely!