How to make the best use of assignment help services?

How to make best use of my assignment expert

My phone rang at 4:00 in the morning.

I looked at the screen, rubbing my eyes. Ohhh.. Its Emily again!

I answered the phone, without trying to sound irritated.

Hi Emily, what can I help you with?”

“Sorry to disturb you now, but I have an assignment that I have to submit, like immediately. Actually, 4 hours from now. You have got to help me on this one.”

“Of Course, send me the details by mail. I will start working on it right away”

“Ah! Thanks a lot. Sorry again! I will send the mail in a minute”

“No worries. Have a good night”

A minute later, my phone beeped again. The mail had arrived. I read out its content.

Hey, i have to submit the assignment in 4 hrs. It has to do with arranging photos in an exhibition catalogue. The theme of the photos can be chosen as per the file attached. “

Great!! I thought to myself. Now I have arrange photos.

I searched for the attachment, but it was not there. I e-mailed Emily saying “Please send the attachment” with a smiley.

Two minutes later, I received the attachment. It contained some themes for the catalogue. I selected the one which I was confident about (Representation of teenagers in movies), searched the images, prepared a decent looking catalogue and mailed her an hour later. She sent me a message saying, “Thank you so much

I went back to sleep, only to be woken up again 2 hours later by Emily.

Sorry, Sorry.. I forgot to send you the attachment by the professor. I saw it now, and it is totally different from what I had told you. Would you look at it, please

I tried hard to maintain my calm. “Yes, for sure. Don’t worry. Just mail me all the details you can find.

10 mins later, I discovered that the assignment DID NOT involve photo cataloguing at all. What the professor expected out of the assignment was to write a critique on how teenagers have been depicted in Hollywood movies, with a reference photo for each. The critiques should have a definite time period of how the movies of those times represented the society then. After reading through the documents of the professor, I lamented on my efforts at four in the morning. Alas, that precious sleep would never come back!!

So, I hurriedly gulped a shot of espresso, and got back to writing. Two hours later, I mailed the assignment to Emily. The same evening, she called me up saying,

Thank you so much. I submitted it to the prof. and got his first remarks. Looks good.You saved me. REALLY.

This is not an isolated incident. Being an assignment writer, I have been woken up in the middle of the night, attended to deadlines within an hour, and have written on a variety of subjects. What I have seen is that many a times, the students do not properly explain the nature of the assignments, which only results in doubling of efforts. I have had mails written in illegible English, trying to explain me the assignment. After trying to decipher through the language, I have found out that the assignment is completely different from what the student was trying to explain. A case in point, Emily.

So, with all humility, I would like to highlight to the students who take help of assignment writing services, some of the key difficulties OUR (the assignment writers) breed face.

You know your professors, not us

Even if the assignment writer gives you an assignment which is high in quality and content, it is ultimately your professor who would be giving the grades. If he is not happy with the style of presentation, or structure of the assignment, in spite of coherence in your essay, you would not get good grades. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the student to inform the writers about the exact methodology he should adapt while completing the assignment. Remember, we build up on your instructions. We may have the right content, devoid of grammatical errors and good in ideas, but as long as the key information is missing, it will serve no purpose.

Source material should be provided

There are many assignments, especially of the kind – thesis and dissertations (Yes, i have written those as well), where a lot of research has to be done. Although there is immense amount of information that is freely available on the internet, sometimes specific websites like international journals and publications have to be accessed. The assignment writers do not have access to these paid websites. Any assignment help services/websites claiming to have the access are in all probability taking the students for a ride. These websites require annual fees to be paid, which is quite high. Having worked in this field for quite some time, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that no service would spend that kind of money as their resource building measure. Therefore, the students who want their articles referenced from these specific sources, should give the material in advance. Since they are in the university, they can use their resources (university library often have access to a number of journals).

Time is money quality, honey!

Its an old adage, Haste is waste. In our scheme of things, where competition is intense and maximum work is driven by returning customers, quality is what matters the most. If the quality of the work is good, the students get good grades, we gain the trust and its a win-win situation. However, to produce the quality work, time has to be spent on it. This is only possible when the student also gives us a reasonable amount of time to complete the assignment. A thesis dissertation should not be expected to get completed in a week’s time. Similarly, even a 3000 word essay requires at least a day for research, writing, editing, revising and submitting it to the student. Expecting to deliver the assignment, which will fetch you good grades, within a matter of hours is to stretch the imagination just a little too far. If for some reason, rework has to be done on an assignment, appropriate time should be allotted for that as well. No one likes a messed up piece, a botched job. Therefore, pre-planning of the students is also of prime importance.

Your style is the best style

Every person has his own style of writing. When people put down their thoughts on paper on the same topic, it is easy to distinguish between them owing to their uniqueness. The assignment writers also have their own writing styles. It is very likely that if the assignment varies a lot from your own individual style, it might catch the eye of the professor. Also, the students should understand that the writers are there to guide them through their assignment by providing them with a good solution. It should be the prerogative of the student, to read the solution and prepare his own notes and prepare for submission. This way, he not only gets more ideas for his assignment but also maintains his signature style over the work.

Quality comes with a price

We all work and expect some monetary gain out of it, don’t we? Similar is the case with the assignment writers. Although we love to write on different topics, which gives us unlimited exposure to diversify, money is one gratification that no one forfeits. There are many assignment services/websites that, for attracting more students, offer to complete their assignments at $10 a page. However, when there is overwhelming number of orders and less time to complete, the quality takes a nose dive. The badly written articles/assignments will do not good for your grades. Therefore, it is always advisable to pay a little extra (say $20 a page) and go for the services of repute. is one such website, where quality is given prime importance. We have specific subject experts who write and edit assignments, so that the quality is always maintained.

Rework takes time too

In many instances, the assignments are not exactly what the professor expects from the students. Therefore, he gives an opportunity to the student to get it re-worked. It is important for the students, to give the assignment help websites, the specific points on which the rework/revision is required. Otherwise, the whole exercise becomes futile. Moreover, the students should understand that the writers are not available round the clock, 365 days a year. They have their own objectives to meet. Therefore, in case of rework, it is advisable that at least 48 hours should be given to the websites to complete the work. If any additional information is provided during the revision time, it should be understood that more time would be utilised to complete the assignment. I have personally encountered cases where the assignment was submitted to the student well before the deadline, and a day before the final submission, he messaged me saying that some things are to be changed and time is less. This amounts to loss is quality even though the fault does not lie with the writer.

All the points mentioned here are from my personal experience of being a professional writer for several assignment help services. We are there to help you, and strive hard to deliver the best quality product to you, but then if there is clarity of thought between the students and the service providers, both parties are set to benefit.