Seek Assignment Help Instead of Private Tutoring


Picture this: You get up in the morning with this thought “I have to do my assignment!!! Tomorrow is the deadline, and I haven’t even started yet!!” I am sure many amongst the student community would be mulling over this thought right now. In this world of stiff competition and expectations of good grade, more often than not, students find themselves in a tight spot to work on their assignments and carry out other rigours of the university life. Working on both simultaneously results in half-baked efforts on both fronts, resulting in an average grade. With the advent of digital learning resources, a lot of online assignment help services have come up, providing respite to those, who might not have been able to concentrate on their assignments.

Some students seek help from an assignment help service while others go to a private tutor. Both serve exactly the same purpose. Still questions are being raised about whether the assignment help services are unethical, and make a student dependent on these resources? My counter to them is, “Is good writing skills only way to judge a student in his academic work?” If not, then why so much fuss over a trivial matter of getting grades. A student taking help of these services doesn’t necessarily mean he is incompetent or has a lack of understanding of the subject matter. Plus, tutoring is generally meant for people who have enough financial resources to their disposal. So why should an average student, having student loans and earning money by part time jobs, should be devoid of good grades just because of his financial position. Isn’t one of the primary aim of a university is to rank everyone on the same footing?

Other important aspect that is also debated is how these assignment experts are different from private tutoring, considering that private tutoring has been regarded and accepted for long as the only “other” way a student can be helped academically. Again I would again beg to differ on that point. Having personally used both these forms of educational help, I can personally say that both these methods are inherently similar, and by a stretch of imagination and experience, I would prefer assignment writing over private tutoring.

Surprised? Well, let’s see how the assignment writing works. There can be many reasons why the students cannot complete their assignments in time. This can be attributed to his own lack of interest, ill health, different commitments, part time job, and financial insecurities and so on. In this stress, assignment help service comes as a wonderful relief. A student can take the help of these services any time, sometimes even within hours of a deadline. The good assignment writing websites are generally very flexible to the need of the students regarding the time, word count, category of assignment, and the cost involved. Moreover, these services employ writers who are experts and professionals in their field. Therefore, quality of the essays, more often than not, is of a very high grade. Most of the universities and schools have their code of conduct whereby a student should not involve in plagiarism. This is also taken care of by the assignment writing services, since they normally do a plagiarism test of all the written material submitted by the authors.  Since these writers have diverse cultural and academic background, each written work, upon careful scrutiny, is found to be of replete with these subtleties. Moreover, these websites offer support in a variety of cases, from a simple assignment, to thesis dissertations, and power point presentations. For students, who are in university and like to enjoy their time doing something besides sitting in a library, but to experience different aspects of a vibrant culture of the university, these websites are a boon in the time of crisis.

It is true that private tutoring also provides a similar dimension of help to the students. It gives a student a chance to select one or more private tutor of his discretion, and study under him. This provides him with a better understanding of the subject matter at hand, since the tutor’s primary focus is on that student. A personal tutor can help a student in drawing up a study plan, and make him work according to that. A good personal tutor will also help the student with time management strategies, building up skill sets, and helping the student in his personal development. An online personal tutor gives a student the kind of flexibility he wants, in terms of time, resource and space.

On the forefront, it looks that writing assignment services are similar to that of private tutoring. Private tutoring may also seem better in some ways, since it interacts to a student on a more personal level. However, there is much more to it than what meets the eye. Generally, it is difficult to find a private tutor who meets all your expectations from the word ‘go’. Private tuitions are way more expensive than the assignment writing websites, since they involve a lot more time and effort from both parties. Not all private tutors are available online, and hence the need for a student to go to the tutor’s home or the other way around, just adds insult to injury to the pervasive problem of time crunch of the student. This also creates a flexibility problem, where a tutor might not be available to the student, when he is needed the most. In a more general case, the student often becomes dependent on his tutor to prepare his assignment, to work out his schedules, and to manage his time. This way, the overall psychology of the student changes from an independent one to someone who is more dependent and needy. People also argue in favour of the statement that assignment help services actually prepare the assignment of the students. In that way, a student does not put any effort to learn. Well, this is also the case with private tutors, only difference being that the students are totally spoon fed by the tutors. There have been numerous cases reported in the electronic and print media about the private tutors who are likely to take advantage of a student financially or otherwise. I will go to the extent of calling private tutoring as nothing but a “fancier” version of assignment help service.

This brings us to the point that I started with, “Is assignment writing really that different from private tutoring?” Going by the similarities, like helping out students in crisis, providing support from different subject matter experts, flexibility in terms of time, I would say these two entities function on the same lines. However, there is something worthwhile to be noted here. A student generally does not get time to work on his assignment, because in most of the cases, he is also working part time, to pay off his financial loans and make money independently. To pay a huge chunk of this money to private tutors, who in turn, in majority of the cases, will provide the same or lesser benefits to me as an assignment writing resource, doesn’t appeal to me as a very smart idea. If given a choice, I would rather take services of a reputed assignment writing service and do away with private tutors completely.