WhatsApp : From an application to a companion

The creation of WhatsApp has revolutionized the messaging world. Remember the days of the regular text messages? Well, who would not remember that era? Trying to fit our message into that inadequate word limit of 140 characters per text would transform ‘for’ into ‘4’, ‘where’ into ‘whr’ and what not! So, a text message would look something like this – ‘Hi wt r u doin? R u free 4 mvi 2nyt? Show at 7pm. Intrstd?’

It would take ages to type, making sure no extra letter unnecessarily took up the already insufficient space. And it took an equally longer time to comprehend. Poor vowels and punctuation marks lost their rightful places.  Good old days, some might say. But there was nothing good about those old days. WhatsApp came as a blessing and almost instantly, the regular text messages became extinct. And we are pretty glad about it too!

WhatsApp, with its excellent features, made way into millions of hearts and cell phones. No word limit, real time texting, user friendly interface, easy media transfers and super expressive emoticons are only some of its fantastic features. Besides being an awesome app for sharing texts, images, and videos, it has a lot of attributes that have changed our lives, some for the good, and some for the bad. Take a look at these features, shall we?

  1. Where? What?

It is pretty easy to lose way in a new country and rely solely on maps and signs. It’s easier to mispronounce a term and get laughed at. We don’t blame you at all. Singapore with its streets named Toongabbie St and Esplanade St is bound to boggle our minds! Sydney goes a level higher with Castlereagh St and Macquarie St. These names are almost impossible to remember let alone pronounce! Half of our mobile credit is spent on explaining our whereabouts. Well, WhatsApp saves our lives here. Thankfully, with its amazing location feature we can share our location with our better informed friends and they will know exactly where to meet us without us even going through the trouble to remember or pronounce such unfamiliar names. Big thanks to WhatsApp and Google Maps!



  1. The curse of the Last Seen

While it’s true that we miss home, a part of us is glad to be away from the ever so curious friends and relatives who wish to know our exact geographical location at every minute of every day! The concept of privacy is lost on some. Thankfully, miles away from home, there is no nosy aunt or uncle to keep a watchful eye on our every move. WhatsApp, sadly, had given this weapon of ‘Last Seen At’ to them against us. A late night conversation would lead to lengthy explanations the next morning. But God heard our prayers and now lets us hide our ‘Last Seen At’ as well. Thank heavens; it’s just ‘Last Seen At’ and not ‘Last Seen With’.

Two businessman finger have argument and isolated on white


  1. Home sweet home!

Even though the prospectus of a better lifestyle lures many to developed countries like Australia and Singapore, it’s only natural to feel homesick on special occasions and festivals and sometimes just like that. And you can’t Skype when you miss an old buddy in the middle of a lecture or in a pub. That is where WhatsApp comes to the rescue! Almost everybody is using it these days, from students to entrepreneurs and from trendy teens to elderly aunts. It keeps you connected with family and friends even at the oddest of hours, stays in your pocket and goes wherever you go.



  1. No more excuses!

Did you tell your dad you could not check his messages because you were immersed in your books while, in reality, you were getting drunk at the bar? Truth is we all have done this at some point. However, no more excuses now! Custom notifications is to be blamed here, which lets you set ‘ping’ for a message from mom, ‘pong’ for one from dad, ‘bing’ for one from friends and ‘bong’ for the rest. Plus the responsibility of remembering which one belongs to whom! Anyway, that puts an end to all our lame stories for not giving a prompt reply to mom’s messages; even if she is asking what you ate for the tenth time in the day. So next time your phone ‘pings’ pick it up and reply!



  1. The selfie love!

The world is going selfie-crazy and so are we! Whether it is The Sydney Opera House, The Great Barrier Reef in Australia or The Universal Studios in Singapore, selfie is a must!  While Facebook gives you a larger audience, which sometimes may not be needed, WhatsApp is simply the best platform when it comes to sharing pictures with a select few. After all, don’t we have a lot to show off while we get a degree from a foreign University? WhtasApp is the best choice when you wish to share some great moments with close friends or make your adversary in India feel a little extra jealous! Better yet, surround yourself with some great looking people and make them go green with envy! Cruel as it is, it is fun too!

Beautiful girls with shopping bags taking a "selfie" with their phone


  1. Oh, the emoticons!

Accept it or not, more than anything else, we all love WhatsApp for its incredible collection of emoticons and why not? It has an emoticon for every mood and every emotion and to every degree. Sad, a little sad, depressed, happy, joyous, ecstatic, angry, upset, furious, sleepy, cool, shocked, bored, irritated, sick, jealous, carefree, devilish, nervous, oh, the list is long. You name it and they have it. Australia/Singapore is home to people from many different countries, cultures and languages. So even if you and your peers don’t speak the same language or have a hard time getting the accent, these emoticons will never fail to convey your feelings just the right way. You can always fall back on them should you ever fall short of words!