Why are assignment writing companies better than hiring freelance writers?

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Imagine this: You have an assignment, which was given to you by your professor a week ago. The deadline to submit the completed assignment is in two days. However, you are not finished with it. Far from it, you don’t even know the contents of it, and if its’ completion requires prior preparation. You have got to run for your part-time work and then later, work on a different assignment. So, you are skeptical if you would be able to turn up this one on deadline. You cannot afford to lose your grade, as it can create a dent in your transcript.

This is not an isolated incident. It is common to scores of students, who are studying and working in a University. With their busy schedule that revolves around part-time work that would pay their cost of living, attending meetings of student clubs and preparing presentations for the class projects, it may often happen that they are stuck between several assignments which have deadlines in close proximity of each other. The students are caught in fix, whether to choose between assignment writing services or hire a freelancer to do the job.

An assignment writing service/website is especially dedicated to help students during this time of a crisis. However, sometimes the higher cost which they charge compared to a freelancer motivates the student to opt for the latter. The result is that the assignments, if done, are generally not up to the quality as was required, nor is submission-worthy. This, in effect, leads to wasted effort in time and money for the student who was already over-burdened. There have been many freelancing websites, who host content writers claiming that they write on a variety of subject. However, the students should be wary of the false propaganda, and apply his logic to choose between the two. For starters, consider a few points mentioned below, before taking the services of one.

Rome was not built in a day

Assignment writing websites/services have their jobs cut out. They are meant specifically for what their name represent – to provide assistance in your assignments. Therefore, their reputation is at stake when they take up an assignment. If the assignment is completed in a shabby manner, students may not return for second time. Perhaps, they might also do a negative publicity of the service to their friends and peers, thereby turning away potential clients. This would be a huge loss for them, in terms of their customer base. Therefore, these services take extra precaution to provide the students with a high quality service. On the other hand, freelancers do not have a reputation to build. They hop from one project to the other. If they ever deliver a sub-standard product, they have an easy fix, i.e, to change their account details and create a new identity for themselves. Obviously, a website cannot be built back in a day, along with its customer base. Therefore, the reliability of such assignment services is much more than freelancers.

Diversity is the act of thinking independently together – Marshall Forbes

It so happens that the assignment writing websites employ a diverse set of writers. They come from different backgrounds like engineering, management, law, accounting, finance, pharmacy, nursing, et al. Each have their own skill and knowledge. They are masters in their subject. Suppose a student  takes help of these websites for his assignment. He can be rest assured, that the work is done by a professional having experience in the field. This might not be the case for the freelancers. An individual cannot claim the knowledge of so many different fields at once. Therefore, even if he takes up the job, he would not be able to perform at the same level as these websites do.

Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong. – Donald Porter

Customers are the kings, it is so said for any service providing company. If you would visit a reputed assignment services provider like MyAssignmentExperts.com, you would find a host of customer service activities present on their website. There is a quick chat, so that you can talk to the expert before hiring them for the assignment. There is email, fax and chat support which operates round the clock. They ensure that any email is answered within 12 hours. There is a proper communication channel, so that you can be updated with the status of your assignment. These are some of the key issues that are not available with the freelancers. They might offer a lesser fee, but the reliability is questionable. What if the freelancer that was handling your job takes a vacation without informing you. Who would take that blame? Moreover, as these websites have more than one writer for a particular subject, even if someone backs out, the project can be immediately assigned to a different writer. Therefore, even the most strictest of deadlines can be adhered to. There have been reported cases, that the assignment writing websites have completed the assignments in 6 hours deadline. This is not at all possible for the freelancing websites. 

Quality means doing it right when nobody is looking – Henry Ford

As emphasised in the earlier part of this article, quality of the assignment is of prime importance for the assignment writing websites. There is always a mechanism to check the quality of the outgoing assignment. They also have plagiarism checks to determine if the writers employed by them have given an original work or have copied it from some source. This gives them credibility, that is again not possible with the freelancers. Many a times, it so happens that the students do not have the time to review the assignment once it is completed by the freelancers or the websites. In the case of the assignments from these websites, there is a fair amount of certainty that the work is not plagiarised. Since the universities have a zero-tolerance policy for plagiarism, this is something that cannot be taken lightly by the student. Many students have been suspended from the university due to failure to adhere to original work. If a freelancer completes an assignment, there is no proof that he has submitted an original work. It would only be a matter of gross negligence on the part of the student, if he submits the work to the professor without going for a plagiarism check.

Ohh!! The Rework  

Once the assignment is done, it is reviewed by the student. In many cases, it may not be of the same quality as was expected. Sometimes, the writers would not have a paid attention to one instruction, or there might be some finer details missing. There are also cases, where after submission of the article to the professor, there might be some changes he might look for. Therefore, the article/project is sent for rework. In case of freelancers, it is difficult to maintain the continuity of the rework. However, for the assignment writers who have worked on the same assignments before, it is easier to connect the dots and therefore, the work is completed in a proper manner.

Trust is the key

Generally the assignment website services have an established base of customers who have used them over the years. This lends them credibility against that of the freelancers. Not only the students use these services, but they also recommend them to their peers, friends, and colleagues. Also, some of these services provide a lot of benefits for the returning customers like free plagiarism checks, lower fees and quality checks. All these help them to build their brand in a market which sees a new service popping out every day. A cursory glance at the feedback of these websites would give an idea about the number of customers and quality of the work that they have provided to the students. Moreover, it is not constrained to one demographic. This trust is not easy to replicate for the freelancers who jump from projects to projects. Therefore, the veracity of the writers of freelance websites cannot be justified.

Due to the above mentioned points, it is always a good idea to go for a trusted assignment service provider, rather than going to a freelancer only because of lower fees. The expense might be less temporarily, but considering the implications of a substandard write up, disregard for pertinent quality, and reliability issues would result in a greater loss for a student. Therefore, it is imperative for the students to make an informed and logical choice, which will help him get good grades in spite of his over crunched schedule.