Problems international students face in Australia

Studying outside one’s home country can be really exciting. The independent lifestyle away from the constraints at home, the opportunity to experience a different culture, and the chance to earn in a more dominant currency than at home are responsible for the growing trend amongst students to earn a degree from “abroad”. According to several reports and studies, there has been a massive surge in the number of students going abroad in the past decade. The most favoured destinations of […]

Is academic writing the only way to judge a student’s potential?

Albert Einstein once said “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid” In a similar way, if we judge a student’s potential just by the way he writes his exams, assignments or essays, we may not be able to judge their true potential. As the Einstein quote reveals, everyone has his own strength and weakness, his own character, his own abilities. […]

Seek Assignment Help Instead of Private Tutoring

Picture this: You get up in the morning with this thought “I have to do my assignment!!! Tomorrow is the deadline, and I haven’t even started yet!!” I am sure many amongst the student community would be mulling over this thought right now. In this world of stiff competition and expectations of good grade, more often than not, students find themselves in a tight spot to work on their assignments and carry out other rigours of the university life. Working […]

What Professors Look for in Your Assignments: Decoding the Mystery

Did that just make you smile that evil smile? Well, don’t worry. You are not alone. “Something is lacking”… “Your description is not accurate” … “You seem to be beating round the bush” … “Why can’t you write better? “…. All students out there must have heard these phrases quite many times in their college life. And it makes us wonder for sure that after all, what do these professors want in our assignments?? We tried to survey sources from […]

Assignment Help Tip: Generate Reference List in Your Assignments Automatically

One thing which perplexes college students is how to format the reference list in their assignments correctly. We all know how our professors can be extremely finicky when  it comes to references. They are ever ready to deduct marks if you miss even a minute detail such as page number. To add to students’ confusion, different professors may use different referencing styles altogether. Thankfully, you can find help if you are using Microsoft Word 2007 or higher on your computer. […]

How to Avoid a Fraudulent Assignment Writing Service?

We have heard numerous horror stories from students about fraudulent websites that deliver an unacceptable work leaving the students completely hapless. Such websites hire incompetent writers who simply do not have the necessary research skills required for a graduate level topic and/or necessary writing skills to write coherently. They often submit work which is remotely comprehensible or even worse, blatantly plagiarised. The students waste a lot of money in using such services and still end up failing their course. There […]

Get a Life – Pay an Expert to Do Your Assignment

Our institutes of higher learning are entrusted with the responsibility of training youngsters with necessary skills to cope with challenges of tomorrow. However, most colleges and universities have got it horribly wrong when it comes to evaluation of these skills. A majority of institutes, if not all of them, place a great deal of importance on written essays and term papers for evaluation purpose. It is generally assumed that if you cannot write well, you cannot be considered a good […]